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June 29, 2020
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Robots Fighting on The Front Line
June 30, 2020
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AI Has No “Touch”

AI has no touch

 The impact of the 2020 pandemic and the rapid adoption of the non-contact culture, in education, shopping, medical and other inventions, the non-contact has changed several life habits and consumption concepts. Only to be replaces by AI smart face temperature measurement terminals.

 The face recognition access control panel have been applied in various scenarios such as airports, subways, buildings, communities, offices, etc., , At the same time, it has solved the safety and health management needs during the epidemic.

 Nowadays, production and life are mostly restored in various places, and the flow of people is relatively large. Personnel entering enterprises have to measure their body temperature. Temperature measurement integrated machine adopts infrared temperature measurement equipment and face recognition system.

It still has great advantages in the traditional pandemic prevention temperature measurement methods such as handheld thermometers.

 First, the temperature measurement is more accurate through infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection to achieve non-contact detection. Second, the machine supports mobile deployment, strong portability, can be easily moved and placed equipment, compact, light weight, beautiful and exquisite, while showing the “high” scientific and technological sense.

In addition, it supports mask recognition detection, automatic recognition and voice reminder for non-worn masks. Further, the application scenarios are very versatile, such as stations, high-speed entrances, shopping malls, parks, company units and other places, or communities, streets, scenic spots, schools, public services, communities, etc., can flexibly arrange monitoring points.

In brief, the intelligent temperature measurement machine reduces personnel contact, supports massive data cloud storage, convenient tracking management; indoor and outdoor use of multiple scenes, especially now that primary and secondary school students are gradually opening school.

Prevention and control of epidemic in school is even more important, so the contactless management method of face recognition is more sought after, such as rapid temperature measurement, face recognition attendance, attendance management, face recognition door opening, door monitoring, etc., assisting member management, health screening, etc.

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