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Abnormal Appendix : Appendicitis

Appendicitis Abnormal Appendix

Appendicitis : Abnormal Appendix, is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix, a closed tube of tissue attached to the large intestine in the lower right abdomen.

Inflammation may occur when the appendix becomes infected or blocked with stool, by obstruction of the appendiceal lumen, with the resultant build-up of fluid, secondary infection, venous congestion, ischemia and necrosis. or foreign objects or a tumor.

It is a very common condition/abdominal emergency. However, this condition requires rapid and accurate diagnosis to confirm or exclude perforation.

Which ultrasound scanner do doctors use for Appendicitis diagnosis?

Diagnosing Abnormal Appendix using an ultrasound scanner is done usually either by an abdominal or pelvic ultrasound.

Appendicitis : appendix and caecum

Thereof Emergency doctors prefer the wireless portable double head ultrasound probe SIFULTRAS-5.42 to perform either of the two sides to detect Appendicitis.

 Grayscale US should be the first primary evaluation for patient suspicious of acute appendicitis, and color Doppler is an additional modality to increase sensitivity and more accuracy.

One of the biggest challenges of imaging the Abnormal Appendix is finding it. Once confidently identified, assessing its normality is relatively straightforward.

In addition, ultrasound scanning is reliable at identifying Appendicitis , especially in thin patients.

The technique used is known as graded compression, using the linear probe over the site of maximal tenderness, with gradual increasing pressure exerted to displace normal overlying bowel gas. Graded compression moves gas and bowel out of the plane of the ultrasound bringing the appendix closer to the abdominal wall, making it more easily visualized.

A person with appendicitis may be seen first by family practitioners, internists, emergency doctor and pediatricians. However, usually the person is evaluated by a general or another type of surgeon. Once appendicitis is suspected, a general surgeon always is consulted in case surgery is necessary

Source: Appendix/ Vermiform appendix

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