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Bladder Diverticulum

Human Body Organs (Urinary Bladder)

3D Illustration of Human Body Organs (Urinary Bladder)

A bladder diverticulum is a cyst in the bladder wall that might be either congenital or acquired. Diverticular cavity and neck is easily shown by an ultrasound.

When the bladder diverticulum has a tight neck, it would be hard to show connection with the bladder lumen as well as to distinguish from other perivesical cystic lesions.

These lesions that include seminal vesicle cyst, peritoneal inclusion cyst, mesenteric cyst, duplication cyst of bowel and Meckel’s diverticulum can be easily shown by Transrectal ultrasound which is -in this procedure- is better than transabdominal ultrasound in showing diverticular neck.

Which ultrasound scanner is useful for bladder diverticular?

Color Doppler ultrasound CDUS is helpful in the distinction due to its capacity to show to-and-fro motion of urine flow towards the diverticular neck. This urine flow is better revealed by applying Valsalva maneuver.

Ultrasound scanner can make from the diagnosis of the bladder easier in which it shows it as solid mass in a cystic lesion and by the Color Doppler feature it differentiate tumor from a blood clot in the diverticulum by showing the absence of vascularity in the clot.

Transurethral ultrasound is probably the best method for assessing the depth of tumor invasion into the bladder wall, to differentiate superficial from deep infiltrating tumors. For this procedure, SIFULTRAS-5.43 Transrectal probe is the best devices that can be used for bladder diverticular.

This procedure is performed by Urologists

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