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Brain Aneurysm Caused by Systemic Hypertension

Aneurysm high blood pressure monitoring telehealth SIFSOF SIFTELEHEALTH pack

An aneurysm is the enlargement of an artery caused by weakness in the arterial wall. As blood passes through the weakened blood vessel, the blood pressure causes a small area to bulge outwards like a balloon.

Aneurysms can develop in any blood vessel in the body, one of the most common organs is the brain.

The best way to prevent getting an aneurysm, or reduce the risk of an aneurysm growing bigger and possibly rupturing, is to avoid activities that could damage your blood vessels, such as not controlling blood pressure.

This applies to normal people, but particularly to patients who are prone to develop such complications due to their uncontrolled systemic hypertension.

“Hypertension may directly or indirectly contribute to aneurysmal rupture. Hypertension may weaken the aneurysmal wall by directly increasing mechanical stresses. In addition, activation of the local renin–angiotensin system by systemic hypertension can cause vascular inflammation and remodeling and may contribute to aneurysmal rupture” Tada et al. (2013).

SIFSOF’s solution to continuous monitoring of blood pressure is the creation of telehealth packs, which is composed of 3 essential devices:

Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, Bluetooth scale, and a Bluetooth smartwatch.

The BPM and the smartwatch will allow the patient to measure their blood pressure whenever needed while storing the information automatically into their phones.

This data can later be shared with the neurologist or the neurosurgeon for a more accurate diagnosis. The scale is useful in the case of obese or overweight patients since they’re at high risk of hypertension.

SIFTELEHEALTH-1.1 and SIFTELEHEALTH-1.2 are 2 examples of the ultimate safety packages for patients with complicated high blood pressure problems.

Roles of Hypertension in the Rupture of Intracranial Aneurysms
Causes and treatments of aneurysm

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