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Deploying Robots for Pest Control in Greenhouses


 Pests are undesirable insects or germs that interfere with human activity and can ruin crops.  A key point in crop management is early detection and eradication of pests. Chemical application of nutrients and pesticides is one of the most important processes in agricultural production, but also one of the most dangerous agricultural operations. 

Chemical runoff associated with over application can cause serious environmental consequences. Spraying has a very important role to play to reduce the harvest losses and improve productivity. In fact, between 30 and 35% of production losses can be saved while harmful insects and diseases are eliminated by spraying. 

Conventional greenhouse spraying methods include an operator who manually walks through the greenhouse with a sprayer. The operator is exposed to hazardous chemicals, and must try to consistently apply chemicals while working in a potentially hot environment wearing a protective rubber suit with a gas mask. 

The motivations behind deploying an autonomous pesticides sprayer robot for greenhouse application were to improve the chemical efficacy, reduce chemical and labor cost, minimize labor hazards and reduce the harmful environmental damage. Additionally  Automation is the need for agriculture operations because of the reduction in the labor and increasing cost

The Intelligent Mobile Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.6 has is  a smart robot that is capable of maneuvering tricky situations and obstacles. The robot is equipped with a 3000ml/h fogger with a 10m spraying diameter which makes it highly recommended for pesticide spraying within greenhouses .

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