Anti-epidemic Technology - SIFROBOT-6.6
Anti-epidemic Technology – SIFROBOT-6.6
June 17, 2020
Wall Mounted IR Temperature Gun - SIFROBOT-7.6
Wall Mounted IR Thermometer – SIFROBOT-7.6
June 18, 2020
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Disinfection Robot Vs Manual Labor – SIFROBOT-6.6

SIFROBOT-6.6 Disinfection robot

The current status of domestic epidemic prevention work has changed from “annihilation war” to “protracted war”.

This outbreak is a great test for the global public health system. We have accumulated a lot of experience and paid a lot of pain in the process of fighting the epidemic. For example, the disinfection personnel have been injured due to excessive disinfection.

In fact, “disinfection” is an important part of epidemic prevention and control. Chemical disinfectants are being widely used which is not suitable for manual operation. Long-term use of manual disinfection will cause irreparable harm to the individuals.

Large-scale physical sterilization consumes energy and time, and needs to pay high labor costs. The management of personnel and the verification of effects have brought great challenges to government public health and various management units. 

How to improve the efficiency of disinfection work and ensure the safety of disinfection work while saving labor costs has become a headache for many management departments?

In fact, with the development of science and technology, robots can be used instead of manual disinfection.

The Disinfection Robot launched for this anti-epidemic has perfectly solves the various problems of manual disinfection. The core strength helps anti-epidemic actions and protects our front-line disinfection staff.

Compared to the traditional manual disinfection method, the disinfection robot can automatically disinfect the required environment according to the actual situation, which is comprehensive, thorough and efficient. At the same time, there is no need for manual contact, which can reduce the burden of the staff and possible virus threats. 

The disinfection effect of the disinfection robot is professionally guaranteed, safe and effective, and the sterilization effect can reach 99.99%.

Various disinfectants such as hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid can be used in different scenarios.

In addition to the new anti-epidemic role, it can also be used as a regular disinfection tool in the future season of high incidence of epidemic diseases, which can effectively kill influenza bacteria, diarrheal E. coli, streptococcus pyogenes, poliovirus and other daily impacts on human health Germs.

The disinfection robot can achieve 7×24 hours of stable operation, can continue to effectively complete the sterilization work, and automatically execute the killing tasks set on the mobile APP, which is simply too user-friendly and too convenient.

The disinfection robot is equipped with ‘ powerful core technology-autonomous navigation chassis. With a smart brain and athletic ability, the disinfection robot can quickly navigate, autonomously avoid obstacles, and complete the disinfection task perfectly.

The robot doesn’t only support the use of a variety of conventional disinfectants, suitable for different scenarios16L disinfection liquid tank, disinfection coverage area up to 20000㎡. But it also has a 360 degrees precision without dead angle, maximum spray volume 3000ml/h, sterilization rate >99.99%, atomized particles less than 10 microns.

It’s APP operated, which is easy to use, man-machine separation, reduce personnel contact, support regular disinfection and instant disinfection. 6 hours of continuous battery life without repeated charging.

Operates independently to define the path, automatically cover the area that needs to be disinfected, and avoid obstacles automatically, continue to move forward. Supports the use of a variety of often low power to automatically return to the charging pile, tell others to assist in charging troubles.

Furthermore it has a Lidar autonomous obstacle avoidance, water shortage and power protection.

The spray disinfection robot replaces different disinfectants and is suitable for different scenarios to meet the needs of high-frequency elimination. It can be used in medical institutions, airports, railway stations, subways, office buildings, banks, shopping malls, hotels, schools, workshops, KTV and other scenarios.

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