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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

EMS assisted by SIFVEIN

An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a service providing out-of-hospital acute care and transport to definitive care to patients with illnesses and injuries, which the patient believes constitute a medical emergency.

Healthcare practitioners (doctors, nurses, etc.) working in EMS perform such duties as IV and IO cannulation (to insert a range of drugs such as morphine), administration of the necessary drugs depending on the condition of the patient, airway procedures, CPAP, analgesic administration, cardiac monitoring, manual defibrillation intubation and other skills such as performing a cricothyrotomy.

ALS (Advance Life Support) provider may perform advanced procedures and skills on a patient involving invasive and non-invasive procedures including:

  • Intravenous cannulation (IV)
  • Interosseous (IO) access and Intraosseous infusion
  • Surgical Cricothyrotomy
  • Needle Cricothyrotomy
  • Needle decompression of Tension Pneumothorax
  • Advanced medication administration through parental and enteral routes (IV, IO, PO, PR, ET, SL, topical, and transdermal)

Some of the above-mentioned procedures are invasive as they require injections. Despite their apparent simplicity, these procedures can be quickly complexified due to several factors causing the to-be-injected veins undetectable, including: Dark skin color, irritated elders skin, babies’ skin, burnt skins, etc.

In such cases, vein finders are definitely life-saving, especially in the setting of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), including ambulance services, where there is no time to waste on unsuccessful injections, particularly when the medical staff is doing their best to ease the pain of the patients.

A great example of a very helpful vein detector in such situations is the SIFVEIN-2.1. It’s a light, easy to disassemble and fold, portable vein viewer. These specifications make the vein illuminator super convenient to take in the EMS vehicle regardless of the time or place of need.

What is EMS?

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The products mentioned in this article are only for sale to medical staff (doctors, nurses, certified practitioners, etc.) or to private users assisted by or under the supervision of a medical professional.  

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