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June 26, 2020
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Face Recognition Non-Contact Rapid Temperature Measurement Solution

temperature measurement and face recognition

The opening form of 2020 is probably beyond everyone’s expectations. The new COVID-19 has changed our lives. It is obvious that some industries have been damages. Industries such as catering, accommodation, and tourism have a far-reaching impact, but opportunities also arised. Here we speak of AI, artificial intelligence.

 In terms of contactless face recognition and automatic temperature measurement smart device software, the application in public places such as hotels, accommodation, tourism, subways, shopping malls, offices, etc. plays a huge role during the pandemic.

 By adjusting and upgrading the face recognition algorithm, adding a face recognition temperature measurement module to perform non-contact rapid temperature measurement for passers-by; mask recognition, when the face recognition device opens the mask After the detection function, priority will be given to whether the person is wearing a mask. 

For people who don’t wear masks, the system will prompt people to wear masks through voice and screen. After wearing the masks, face recognition and body temperature detection can be performed. High temperature can trigger an alarm, and people with normal body temperature can only open the gate/door to release. It is suitable for various common business requirements such as contactless identity verification, body temperature detection, face attendance, and gate pass.

For example, the AI ​​temperature measurement and contactless screening that guests will use when they first enter the hotel. By using infrared thermal imaging technology and face recognition technology, they can accurately match and lock the “face area” of abnormal temperature, and can accurately alarm without manual screening. At the same time, the unmanned service also further saves artificial energy consumption and minimizes the loss and impact as much as possible.

 These devices now, help communities, public places, and office places to quickly carry out prevention and control measurements, and conduct close-range non-contact body temperature detection on personnel. When the temperature exceeds a set threshold, the system will automatically alarm.

In addition, the smart mask face recognition mode supports mask detection and face recognition in mask scenes. By performing face comparison and face detection on the system whitelist, personnel can quickly pass the time and attendance, and at the same time use real-time voice and screen reminders for those who do not wear masks.

Further, the system records real-time information such as the name, travel time, body temperature, and captured face image of the person in real time, and uploads it to the intelligent big data cloud platform, which facilitates the management to query the person’s information and troubleshoot abnormal conditions.

  Moreover, the smart face recognition temperature measuring turnstile can be widely used in communities, office buildings, airports, stations, scenic spots and other places with high mobility and crowds. By enabling face recognition attendance and temperature measurement in the scene of wearing a mask, it helps managers realize the classification management and accurate identification of personnel, and at the same time reduces the risk of contact and realizes the prevention of epidemic prevention.

  Intelligence relies on AI and other scientific and technological means to continue to help the pandemic prevention and control, and contribute to the resurgence of the tide prevention exam.

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