The Role of Face Recognition Temperature Measurement System on Campus
The Role of Face Recognition Temperature screening System on Campus
June 20, 2020
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June 23, 2020
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Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal Helps you Solve The Queuing Problem

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal Helps you Solve The Queuing Problem

Perhaps the most annoying thing for the office workers recently is to line up in the morning entering the factory to get their temperature measured. Body temperature measurement is an important means to prevent and control the epidemic. Avoiding the risk of virus transmission caused by queuing, has become an important requirement in the process of social resumption.

Face recognition temperature measurement terminal equipment, which can be used for office buildings, campuses, industrial parks, residential communities, and business. To provide faster, more convenient and safer body temperature screening to avoid cross-infection caused by queuing for temperature measurement while effectively tracking the information of people with abnormal body temperature.

According to the data, the face recognition temperature measurement terminal supports facial temperature measurement and ID card information collection, which can quickly identify and record the community personnel and foreigners, quickly register foreigner information, measure and record temperature, and count in and out time .

An alarm is triggered when a person with abnormal body temperature is found, and a visual data report is automatically generated in the background to facilitate unified management of the in and out personnel, so that the situation can be traced and analyzed. High temperature measurement efficiency, using non-contact infrared temperature measurement, response time is 200ms, temperature measurement distance ≤ 1m , temperature measurement repeatability ≤ 0.3 ℃ , resolution 0.1 ℃ , to meet the needs of human body temperature screening.

At present, the face recognition temperature measurement terminal has been put into use throughout the country, and cooperated with the local government to develop a community personnel management applet, which can interact with the face recognition temperature measurement all-in-one machine, and digitally manage the movement of people, communities and enterprises. To provide information and data support for winning the pandemic prevention and control war.

We plan to promote this face recognition temperature measurement terminal for office buildings, campuses, industrial parks, residential communities, shopping malls and other places.

After the pandemic, customers can continue to use the face recognition temperature measurement terminal function, while dynamically detecting and recognizing Multiple faces, supporting multiple people’s simultaneous face recognition, integrated with enterprise HR system, supporting attendance management, working time statistics, visitor management.

For special application places such as construction sites, it can also be upgraded to support helmet detection, dress detection, mask detection Wait, and alarm to remind. One machine is versatile and has high economic benefits.

This face recognition temperature measurement terminal has been recognized at present, and has become one of the main display products in the domestic anti-new COVID-19 situation. 

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