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Fetal Morphology Assessment: FMA

Fetal Motphology Assessment

The Fetal Morphology Assessment (FMA) is a procedure that consists of performing a fetal ultrasound to detect abnormalities in its morphology. This procedure is done in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

Congenital anomalies are a significant cause of death and life-long poor health.

So it’s important to use a High Accuracy Ultrasound Scanner and to take note and action if the ultrasound shows anomalies or defects in the fetus’ morphology.

The early detection and management of these conditions have been shown to improve fetal outcomes, as the ultrasound scanner is the frontline modality for early detection of congenital anomalies due to its high sensitivity, non-ionizing nature, cost-effectiveness and availability.

Hence, we’ve designed the Wireless Double Headed SIFULTRAS-5.43 Ultrasound Probe specifically for OB/GYN applications. Fetal structural conditions might affect pregnancies.

Routine screening for Fetal Morphology Assessment by ultrasound has become a part of standard prenatal care throughout the world and has significant implications for the remainder of the pregnancy, for delivery, and for postnatal care.

Fetal Ultrasound Scan

During the first semester, the doctor uses the SIFULTRAS-5.43 transvaginal ultrasound to perform this operation, since the fetus is in its early development stages.

And at the second semester the doctor can operate using the low frequency Convex Ultrasound Probe of the SIFULTRAS-5.43.

This application consists in evaluating the Head and Brain of the fetus (ventricles, distance between parietal bones of the head…).

Also, on the Heart (Heart Chambers and Valves), the Abdomen and Stomach (Size, location, diaphragm morphology…), the Urinary bladder, the Spine and Kidneys

Multiple birth pregnancies carry a higher risk than single birth pregnancies, and ultrasound allows for confirmation of multiples.

Likewise, accurate and safe examination of each fetus is made possible with fetal ultrasound.  

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