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June 26, 2020
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Fingerprint is Suspended! Face Recognition Inauguration

fingerprint suspended

Guidelines for Prevention and Control Measures for Enterprises and Institutions to Resume Work and Reinstate the pandemic Situation have been issued, which stipulates that units that use fingerprint time and attendance machines should be temporarily suspended and use other methods to register entry and exit personnel. 

This rises question of how to avoid the cross-infection of the fingerprint time and attendance machine during the time and attendance process. Here comes in the face recognition solution to the scene to give a solution.

The contactless attendance machine adopts international advanced face algorithm, temperature measurement, and recognition can be completed in 2 seconds. At the same time, open API can be seamlessly connected to the company’s own management software. Avoid fingerprint contact and reduce the possibility of personnel gathering.

 Further, these devices support human body temperature detection, temperature display function, can carry out order temperature measurement, identity recognition, safety detection in the occasion of personnel flow, which can avoid the close contact between the detection personnel and the detected personnel for effective prevention and reduce the risk of cross infection.

 Contactless attendance is welcomed by many companies. The uniqueness of the face can first allow desperate outsiders to enter the office area to protect the company from “input” infection. In addition, compared with traditional models such as card swipe, fingerprint, and check-in, efficiency is improved. People don’t touch and don’t gather, and finally if face recognition people communicate with enterprise management software such as enterprise cloud office, you can also achieve simultaneous punching on the mobile phone.

Facial recognition helps companies achieve the key first step in epidemic prevention, with high efficiency and safety. Under the condition that employee health management is guaranteed, they can resume work and resume production smoothly and get on track.

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