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May 14, 2020
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Handheld Infrared Thermometer VS Face Recognition Thermometer

Recently, measuring body temperature in and out of the community has become a routine that everyone must experience. All kinds of handheld infrared thermometers are smart and portable and become a good helper for community workers. With the advent of the return to work date, railway stations, airports and other crowded places have also actively introduced a variety of temperature measurement and provide protection for passenger travel safety.

From SARS to New Coronary pneumonia, body temperature measurement and personnel tracking are important means to prevent and control the epidemic. with the resumption of work in various places, office buildings, parks and other work places that have long queues. Measuring body temperature is not only to complete the temperature investigation, but also to reduce the impact on people’s normal work and life. As well as avoiding the risk of virus transmission caused by queuing temperature measurement, has become an important demand in the process of social resumption.

At present, the infrared thermometers used are mainly divided into two types: handheld infrared thermometers and AI artificial intelligence automatic infrared thermometers. In public places such as subways, airports, wharfs railway stations, office buildings and other places with high traffic volume, the handheld infrared thermometer has low efficiency through manual screening, and it also exposes workers to dangerous situations, so its application range is relatively limited.

Compared with it, the automatic infrared thermometer has the advantages of long distance, large areas, non-contact, and rapid screening of body temperature. Dense crowd flow can realize automatic non-sensing customs clearance. Once the abnormal temperature is found, the instrument will automatically display and alarm in real time, which will greatly improve the screening efficiency and detect patients with suspect cases of high temperature early.

The appearance of the face recognition thermometer has made the detection of body temperature more efficient and accurate. Taken together, the combination of thermographic precision temperature measurement technology and visible light face recognition technology can automatically eliminated the factors that interfere with human body temperature measurement, only for human face recognition, and real-time temperature measurement it is super imposed and displayed on the true-color face image, so that the face and temperature can be seen instantly. At the same time, the AI face recognition thermometer simultaneously detects numerous faces per second, which greatly shortens the detection time and improves efficiency.

Compared with traditional epidemic prevention and temperature measurement methods such as handheld thermometers, the face recognition and temperature measurement machine has the following significant advantages.

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