Ultrasound for vascular access in newborn pigs with Color Doppler
Ultrasound for vascular access in newborn pigs with Color Doppler
January 24, 2021
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Post-Void Bladder

Post-Void Bladder

Post-void residual volume (PVR) is the amount of urine retained in the bladder after a voluntary void and functions as a diagnostic tool.

A post-void residual volume helps in the evaluation of many disease processes, including but not limited to neurogenic bladder, cauda equina syndrome, urinary outlet obstruction, mechanical obstruction, medication-induced urinary retention, postoperative urinary retention, and urinary tract infections. 

In fact, Urinary retention can be asymptomatic or cause urinary frequency, a sense of incomplete emptying, and urge or overflow incontinence.

It may cause abdominal distention and pain. When retention develops slowly, pain may be absent. Long-standing retention predisposes to UTI and can increase bladder pressure, causing obstructive uropathy.

Evaluating for post-void residual is typically performed using ultrasound, a bladder scanner, or with a urinary catheter (a direct measurement of urine volume). 

Portable Ultrasound bladder has numerous advantages including the fact that ultrasound bladder scanning is more comfortable for the patient, carries a lower risk of infection as it is non-invasive, and relatively quick and easy to use, which saves time for staff (Choe et al, 2007).

For instance, the Wireless Ultrasound Scanner 4D array scan SIFULTRAS-5.5 is suitable to be used to check bladder draining. It has powerful bladder wall recognition technology (High recognition rate for the bladder wall with air), and higher accuracy of the probe.

To sum up, Post Void Bladder Ultrasound scanning is a way to determine the amount of urine left in the bladder after urination (or voiding) has occurred for patients who have urinary retention issues (inability to clear the bladder completely).

Reference: Bladder Post Void Residual Volume

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