Physician's Safety Guide To Reopening - COVID-19
Physician’s Safety Guide To Reopening – COVID-19
July 2, 2020
The use of vein finders in Oncology and Chemotherapy Administration
The use of vein finders in Oncology and Chemotherapy Administration
July 25, 2020
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is gaining popularity, and this growth is driven by an aging population and rising medical costs. In order to be affordable, people are eager to use current technology to enable patients to receive medical care outside the hospital. Used for continuous patient monitoring, but also for people who need regular help.

The invention discloses a remote patient monitoring system, including a local patient monitor and a plurality of remote patient monitors. 

The remote patient monitoring system based on wireless communication is the latest application of modern communication technology in the medical field, and has attracted more and more people’s attention. According to the purpose of monitoring, the object and the application field, the remote monitoring system is classified and proposed. The remote monitoring system architecture based on wireless sensor networks, and finally an overview of wireless communication technology based on the wireless personal area network (WPAN) standard.

For patients with chronic diseases, due to age restrictions or remote areas, it is difficult to use modern medical facilities in a timely manner. Based on this, the vast majority of patients will not pay attention to early treatment until the condition worsens, leading to hospitalization.

With the advancement of medical sensors and equipment, as well as new medical analysis applications, flexible and wearable medical sensor platforms and data services are provided. That can help traditional medical system solution providers quickly provide effective remote patient monitoring services. This is extremely efficient and convenient for patient hospitals and service providers.

A few days after the patient is discharged from the hospital is one of the most critical stages that require active monitoring of various physical parameters. Re-admission to the hospital because of an accident not only puts the patient back in a dangerous situation, but also causes billions of dollars in damage each year (United States).

The current follow-up procedure relies on the private telephone provided by the patient or relies on the patient to ask others for help in case of problems.

The new generation of medical-grade flexible wearable devices will help improve the quality of follow-up service after discharge, provide continuous remote monitoring, doctors can grasp the patient’s situation in real time, and flexibly adjust the time of the patient’s second review to reduce the cost of patient care.

Flexible and wearable devices that improve the quality of follow-up service, provide continuous remote monitoring, doctors can grasp the patient’s situation in real time:

Blood Pressure Monitoring:

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter:

Blood Glucose Meter:


Wearable Technology:

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