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AI Has No “Touch”
June 29, 2020
Telemedicine and AI
Telemedicine and AI
June 30, 2020
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Robots Fighting on The Front Line

Robots Fighting on The Front Line

After the World Health Organization’s announcement of the new coronavirus epidemic as a global public health incident, many people in the face of the pandemic, designed and produced smarter solutions, and also provided a chance for many medical robot companies to flourish. 

Robots deep into the frontline of the war.

From smart warehouses in the rear, to front-line drones and distribution robots in infected areas, to smart supermarkets and smart vending cabinets distributed throughout the country. However, the most noticeable role has been given to robots. Robots have been integrated in various aspects of life in COVID-19 times.

Security inspection robot

Inspection robots are prevention and control versions that have been alliteratively upgraded in accordance with the needs of the pandemic needs. It is usually equipped with a high-precision thermal sensor, body temperature recognition system, and disinfection spray device. 

When an emergency outbreak occurs, this robot can assist or even replace humans in the infected area to complete real-time crowd monitoring, human body temperature identification, abnormal body temperature identification, mask wearing identification, irregular wear warning, real-time spray of disinfectant, and broadcast. 24 hours uninterrupted patrol and monitoring can be conducted in the planned area at airports, passenger stations, subway stations, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.

Delivery service robot

On the front line of the epidemic, the angel in white is the most worthy of respect, and the infection of the angel in white is also the most regrettable thing. The emergence of robots can effectively reduce the number of medical staff exposed to the virus environment.

A robot that will send the medicine to the designated patient according to the entered ward and bed number. Sometimes it can even automatically open the door, close the door, take the elevator, and put the patient’s medicine in the robot cabin with the medical staff. And of course after completing the medicine delivery task, medical staff need to disinfect the robot before it can be used again.

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Disinfection robot

Disinfection robots have a multi-point autonomous mobile function, and carry out autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection of environmental objects and air, which fully compensates for the deficiencies of traditional fixed air disinfection machines, ultraviolet lamps, and chemical fumigation methods. The multi-drug resistant bacteria achieves 99.9999% killing effect required by high-level disinfection.

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Body temperature warning robot

Aiming at train stations, airports and other places with dense gathering and large flow, AI+ thermal imaging solution. Based on instantaneous body thermometer, portable, and intelligent temperature warning platform software, it will achieve comprehensive fever prevention and control.

 Compared with the traditional body temperature detection methods, the infinitely touching “temperature warning early thermal imaging + high-definition visible light” human body thermometer integrates many core technologies such as thermal imaging, temperature measurement, and intelligent face recognition, with an accuracy of ≤0.3 ℃.

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Telemedicine Robots

 Unmanned medical treatment can not only solve the shortage of manpower, but also avoid contact between medical staff and patients as much as possible, which greatly improves the work safety of staff. For many robot companies, this epidemic is like a big exam ahead of time.

But this pandemic has been an opportunity and a challenge for medical robots. For the medicine delivery and disinfection robots, their moving scenes are all preset. To move to a new environment, it is necessary for staff to build an environment map and site commissioning in advance in order to initially enter the working state. 

Medical robots are innovative technology products. In the hospital environment, business processes, and operating personnel will also bring varying degrees of adjustment and changes. The hospital needs an acceptance process.

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 Through the dedication of the white angels who fought hard on the front line, and the full cooperation of the staff in all positions, more people now realize the advantages of robots, and there will be more hospitals and patients willing to give robots a chance to perform.

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