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Telehealth Hypertension Monitoring: Kidney disease prevention

SIFSOF remote hypertension management

Telehealth has been widely used for hypertension management in the past couple years. Telehealth allows remote data transmission of Blood pressure measurements and other information on patients’ health status from their homes or from a professional healthcare setting.

The main goal of continuous hypertension monitoring is to keep people safe for as long as possible and to keep a medical record available on their phone for use whenever needed.

Continuous measurement of blood pressure can prevent health decays from occurring and even if the disease was inevitable, the patient will at least be alarmed before the danger happens.

For instance, over time, uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause arteries around the kidneys to narrow, weaken or harden. These damaged arteries are not able to deliver enough blood to the kidney tissue, and henceforth kidney failure will occur. When the arteries become damaged, the nephrons in the kidney do not receive the essential oxygen and nutrients, and the kidneys lose their ability to filter blood and regulate the fluid, hormones, acids and salts in the body.  

SIFSOF has thought about this issue and produced the ultimate safety packs: SIFTELEHEALTH-1.2.

The packs contain 3 essential connected devices:

(1) Bluetooth-connected blood pressure monitor SIFBPM-3.4. This BPM allows the user to easily monitor their blood pressure either at home or at the office while being able to transfer and save all the data to their phone where the APP is installed.

(2) Smart handlebar scale: If the patient’s body weight corresponds to the accurate BMI, then he or she is in a healthy weight and would better work to maintain it that way. Obesity is one of the major factors that can easily cause multiple complications in the hypertension patient’s body.

(3) Smartwatch SIFWATCH-1.0 or the smart wristband SMARTWATCH-1.2: The smartwatch has lab-tested sensors that provide continuous measurement, and henceforth monitoring, of blood pressure, blood oxygen, abnormal heart rate, and stress levels.

The devices in the pack are all Bluetooth-connected in order to help the patients to keep a well-organized record of the measurement, which can, later on, be used as diagnostic reports by the doctors.

Refereces: Telemedicine for the Management of Arterial Hypertension

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