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June 23, 2020
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Temperature Measurement and Disinfection SIFCLEANTEMP-1.4

Temperature Measurement and Disinfection

The application of various high-tech methods, especially the several innovations in the Temperature Measurement and Disinfection domains has greatly facilitated the containment of the pandemic. With the resumption of work, and social gatherings in vital spaces such as airports and subway stations. Personnel surveillance became a top priority.

At this stage, contact and cross infection are the main modes of transmission of the new COVID-19. Hence, temperature measurement is the method for identifying suspects. Long-distance detection, rapid screening are the main focus in any measuring device you choose to avoid secondary infection.

 At the same time, these temperature measurement or body temperature detection equipment must be accurate to not allow anyone with high temperature to enter density places, causing secondary infections to surrounding people. A

s temperature measurement has become a tight resistance product, many new types of temperature measurement products have also been derived. Temperature Detector with Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser is one of them.

The latter has the advantages of non-contact, convenience, speed, and safety, overcoming traditional thermometers, time-consuming, easy to break, easy to infect, etc. The SIFCLEANTEMP-1.4 is Temperature Measurement and Disinfection device which is suitable for rapid body temperature measurement, in airports, docks, stations, hospitals, shopping malls…

The Temperature Detector with Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser has an accuracy of 0.02℃. The initial temperature setting value is 37.3℃ (adjustable). The actual body temperature is displayed when the detection door is working. If it exceeds 37.3℃, it will give an alarm and display the ambient temperature of the site when no one is passing. 

The original imported thermal infrared imaging probe has the advantages of high sensitivity, high pixel, high resolution, , etc.

It has a 160×120 pixel infrared thermal imaging body temperature which is a rapid screening instrument. A visible light fusion infrared thermal imaging display technology that allows users to directly view the temperature measurement value on the visible light image during the inspection process, which can meet the needs of office buildings, campuses, industrial parks, residential communities, and supermarkets.

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