The difference between Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
The difference between Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
July 25, 2020
Patient-Monitoring IOT
The Internet of Things and Remote Patient Monitoring
August 30, 2020
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The benefits of using a Bluetooth Digital Thermometer especially during COVID-19.

The benefits of using a Bluetooth Body Thermometer especially during COVID-19.

A Bluetooth digital thermometer is a device that you use to check the temperature of the body. When someone is showing signs of a fever, the first thing that you will resort to is a thermometer to check the body temperature.

There are different types of thermometers on the market; glass and mercury thermometers, digital armpit thermometer, digital mouth thermometer etc…

However, the forehead thermometer tends to be the most convenient and the easiest to use especially for babies, it takes a reading by scanning the temporal artery of the forehead. The thermometer will read the infrared heat that comes from the head to determine the body temperature.

SIFSOF has developed the SIFTHERMO-2.21B, a Bluetooth Digital Ear and Forehead Infrared Thermometer that is handy and easy to use. It is suitable for use in a medical setting or anywhere you need to take temperatures quickly and accurately with readings in around a second.

Notably, with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the need and demand for non- contact Bluetooth digital thermometers has risen.

Since one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is high fever, detecting it and keeping track of the patient’s fever and health data early helps control the outbreak of the pandemic.

Using a non-contact Bluetooth digital thermometer enables you to maintain a limited contact while taking the reading. Added to that, it allows you to connect the thermometer to your phone or computer via Bluetooth to save and track the health data of the infected person.

To conclude, a Bluetooth digital thermometer is an easy and effective solution for detecting fever in hospitals, malls, companies, schools, at home or anywhere else, helping you to ensure a safe and healthy environment with minimal disruption.

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