Post-Stroke Numbness Mirror-Therapy
Post-Stroke Numbness Mirror-Therapy
February 12, 2021
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Game-Based Rehabilitation
February 17, 2021
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The Use of Robots in Education

The development of artificially intelligent technologies brings out-of-reach robots to our home and service scenarios, like disinfection, delivery, promotion robots, and so on. Among these services, education robots are the most prominent manifestation of AI development.

How Can Robots Help in education?

For example, the Humanoid Telepresence Robot: SIFROBOT-4.21 can perform educational activities dedicated to student from a variety of levels. Some of these tasks include:

Education for Kindergarten

With its cute humanoid design, SIFROBOT-4.21 can teach kids to sing, dance, paint, and help them with their native language or learning another language. The touchscreen and laser projector helps the intelligent educational robot to play a series of educational materials for kids, enriching their knowledge in the preschool.

Primary school Students

The education robot, SIFROBOT-4.21 facial recognition feature helps it to track and save students’ attendance records. The robot can send notifications to parents and inform them about their their kids’ check-in and check-out record. Additionally , through the mobile phone app parents can watch their children’ condition in classroom in real-time. SIFROBOT-4.21 teaching assistant records all the contents the teacher uses, which enables students to learn about the material they may have missed in class.

Students Psychological Treatment

Sanbot robot is the robot that will help kids open up about how they are feeling. Via Q & A, stories, photos, video on Sanbot, students tell Sanbot their real thoughts freely. In this way, their parents and teachers will know about their kids and students, and then adopt correct actions to affect their children positively. Sanbot can also be programmed to educate the students to grow up in right ways and think openly.

Online Education/Conference

Distance is never a problem to the SIFROBOT-4.21 With the mobile app, absent students can participate in the real-time classes or conference. And the long-distance participators can also interact with the attendees via the app freely. With Internet connected.

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