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Veterinary: Bovine Ultrasound examination

Veterinary: Bovine Ultrasound examination

A bovine ultrasound examination allows farmers and veterinarians to clearly view the reproductive tract of a cow (or bovine animal, including oxen and buffalo) with real-time, high-quality images.

When monitoring the reproductive status and checking the general condition of farm animals, ultrasound is the first choice for vets. Ultrasound can not only improve the quality of the practitioner work but can also cut costs.

Ultrasound has become an important part of reproductive evaluations done on farm animals. Ultrasound proves its worth at every stage of the reproduction process in different types of animals. And ultrasound is also being increasingly used for general imaging in order to see the condition of the animal.

Which ultrasound scanner is recommended for bovine examination?

 For the production of bovine animals, the usual choice is linear transducer designed specifically for reproductive bovine ultrasound. Hence, the SIFULTRAS-4.2, the transducer is durable and able to withstand the unpredictable nature of the cattle’s rectum. This transducer has a very long cable and has a more streamlined design for easily inserting the probe in the cattle’s rectum. Additionally, the probe is designed to operate at ideal frequencies for reproductive bovine imaging.

Ultrasound is regarded as the safest and most beneficial tool for real-time diagnostic imaging in cows, bulls, or other animals in the bovinae family. By producing clear ultrasound images of soft tissues, including the reproductive tract, a cattle ultrasound highlights certain advantages over other methods. These advantages include:

Through ultrasound, you can scan other regions of the animal to accurately diagnose and apply treatments to infections and damages of the mammary gland, lungs, liver, bladder, and kidneys. You can also better identify musculoskeletal and visceral structures.

Although transrectal palpation is still the most common method to determine whether a cow is pregnant, being able to see (in real-time) the reproductive tract via ultrasonography offers insights and diagnostic capabilities for better, more efficient pregnancy care.

Aside from high image quality it is imperative that the veterinary or the farmer chooses an ultrasound machine that is portable, water-proof, robust, comfortable and durable. These features adjust well with the farm conditions where the machine is being used.

Also, considering that the ultrasound will be carried to or around the farm, it’s recommended to choose an ultrasound with a long battery life.

Vets and trained farmers alike can benefit from on-farm veterinary ultrasounds that include the right combination of features for bovine imaging.

To detect earlier pregnancies as well as earlier identification of twins. Bu to also identify earlier fetal gender, get accurate fetal aging information, confirm fetal viability and to evaluate improved ovarian and uterine structure. Ultrasound also provides more accurate information about the best insemination times.

The fact is, many vet ultrasounds are equipped with the necessary features and technologies to ensure that the entire bovine family stays healthy.

Veterinary: Bovine Ultrasound examination

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