Educational Robots

Educational Robots bring in a totally different atmosphere into a classroom.

Children have very short attention spans, educational robots motivate students and maintain their concentration while doing a task.

Robots introduce technology to kids at a very young age, helping them to have a tight grip on some basic concepts concerning robotics and how they function.

These robots are as friendly and cheerful as a kindergarten tutor. In fact, The emotions and expressions processor that these robots have is designed to identify the user’s emotions and to select the most appropriate behavior for each situation, making it the perfect companion for kids whether at home or school.

Kids have a great sense of curiosity. Some studies show that 4-year-olds ask as many as 200 to 300 questions a day.The artificially smart robots instantly answer kids’ questions and facilitate their learning process. An educational robot is a kids’ tutor at school, domestic caregiver, supportive and helping best friend.

  • Programmable Robotic Kit: SIFKIT-1.0

    Programmable Robotic Kit: SIFKIT-1.0

    $300.00 $198.00

    Programming software: Arduino (graphic programming: Mixly)

    Input: ultrasonic sensor, infrared tracking sensor, PS2 remote receiver

    Output: 2*TT motors, 4 servos

    Control board: Mini Driver 328P (with USB cable)

    Power supply: lithium battery 7.4V 1300mAh (this kit without batteries)

    Product size: 260*150*220mm

    Product weight: 750g

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  • Programmable Robotic Kit: SIFKIT-1.1

    Programmable Robotic Kit: SIFKIT-1.1

    $210.00 $149.00
    • Motor Voltage range: 1-6V; motor shaft length: 10mm; speed: 6.0V 100rpm/min.
    • Three groups of line tracking modules: detect black-white line with higher accuracy and can also be used for anti-fall control.
    • Two groups of obstacle detector modules: to detect whether there are obstacles on the left or right side of smart car; Ultrasonic module is used to detect the distance between ultrasonic and obstacles, forming the smart car’s obstacle avoidance system.
    • Bluetooth wireless module: can be paired with Bluetooth device on mobile phone to remotely control smart car;
    • Infrared receiver module: matched with an infrared remote control to control the smart car;
    • Can access the external: 7 ~ 12V voltage.
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  • Humanoid Telepresence Robot: SIFROBOT-4.21

    Humanoid Telepresence Robot: SIFROBOT-4.21

    $12,995.00 $6,998.00

    Display: 10.1 inch 1080P HD capacitive 10-point touch display

    Platform: ROS1.1

    Wireless network: Bluetooth 4.0, ZigBee

    Moving speed: 0.8m/s max

    Battery life: Run time (Full Loading): about 4 Hours, standby for over 10 hours

    Camera: 8.0MP HD

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  • Kids' Artificially Intelligent Companion Robot: SIFROBOT-5.3

    Kids’ Artificially Intelligent Companion Robot: SIFROBOT-5.3

    $750.00 $545.00

    Size: 260 mm *200 mm *360mm

    Display screen: 7-Inch HD Display

    Touch TP: 7-Inch capacitance touch

    System: Android 6.0

    Battery: Built-in dual 18650 battery

    CPU: Four cores

    Memory: 8G \ 16G \ 32G

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889
    × 10 Trees planted for one purchased item


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  • AI Smart Telepresence Educational Robot SIFROBOT-5.1 main pic

    AI Smart Telepresence Educational Robot SIFROBOT-5.1

    $14,620.00 $9,250.00

    Size: 1120*600*550mm.

    Navigation mode: Laser Navigation /APP.

    Battery capacity: 20Ah

    Charging time: ≤ 6 hours.

    Endurance time: ≥ 10 hours.

    Screen size: 13.3″ .

    Control system: Linux/ Android / Windows.

    Certifications: CE / FCC.

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889
    × 30 Trees planted for one purchased item

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