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Paracentesis, The process of aspirating fluid from the abdomen

The process of aspirating fluid from the abdomen is called paracentesis and is commonly done by emergency physicians to relieve symptoms in these patients and to retrieve fluid samples for diagnostic testing.

Bedside ultrasound-guided paracentesis can potentially improve safety and procedural success and to avoid complications from paracentesis.

SIFULTRAS-5.2 allows the practitioner to visualize the largest pocket of fluid, increasing procedure success. Moreover, using the SIFULTRAS-5.2 helps the practitioner to localize intra-abdominal fluid and to have visual guidance of fluid aspiration.

Furthermore, the ultrasound probe can also be employed in unstable patients with a positive FAST exam.

Hence the device is positioned in saggital orientation either in the infra-umbilical or left lower quadrant of the supine patient.

The deepest pocket of fluid is identified. The needle is inserted through the abdominal wall under SIFULTRAS-5.2 real time ultrasound guidance.

The tip of the needle is seen as a hyperechoic structure entering through the abdominal wall into the fluid and steering clear of the moving bowel and the bladder, especially with the infra-umbilical approach.

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