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  • Double Head WiFi Ultrasound Scanner convex & Linear SIFULTRAS-5.41 FDA

    $3,000.00 $2,525.00

    Double Head convex/Linear Probe

    Consist by two head(can select convex, linear, microconvex, transvaginal)

    Workable with Tablet or Smart  Phone

    Measure : distance, area, obstetrics, abdomen

    Certifications: FDA ,  CE,  ISO13485

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889

    10 × Trees planted for one purchased item

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  • WIFI Micro-Convex Color Ultrasound Scanner, 2 – 5 MHz 128 Elements, 8 inche size ultrasound tool, SIFULTRAS-5.01

    $3,400.00 $2,725.00

    WIFI,Bluetooth  Color Micro-Convex Ultrasound Machine

    Imaging mode: 
      B, C, M, B+B, B+M

    Frame rate:    24 fps

    Element count:    128 Elements changeable

    Image depth:     <= 200mm

    Dynamic gain control range:   0~150 dB Adjustable

    Depth control:    Touch screen gesture

    Application :  Cardiology ,Baby tissue examination, Pediatric scanning,
    Fetal position, Placenta, Fetal Heartbeat, Uterus, Amniotic fluid, Urinary bladder

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