The bluetooth smart watch enables user to transmit his data to his own device ( Smartphone, Talblet, PC) through the bluetooth option.

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  • Bluetooth Activity Tracker Sports Wristband Pedometer SIFIT-2.3


    Waterproof Wristband Pedometer, Bluetooth Wristband Pedometer, Activity Tracker Calories Counter

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  • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor&Heart Rate Pedometer :SIFIT-3.7

    $125.00 $89.00

    Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness activity tracker heart rate.

    24H Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring

    HRV, Stress, Vascular Clogging Analysis
    All Day Activity Tracking
    Activity Time

    Auto Sleep Tracking

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  • Ketone & Body Weigning Scale and Smart watch Fitness Tracker SIFKETOKIT-1.5

    $385.00 $190.00

    SIFKETOKIT-1.5 Ketone & Body Weigning Scale and Smart watch Fitness Tracker

    Our SIFKETOKIT-1.5 is special made to deliver Healthy and Perfect Body Weight Composition to Athletes, Fitness and Body Building.

    *Blood Ketone Meter

    *Body weighing Scale

    *Smart Watch Pedometer

    *10 Blood ketone test strips


    *Carrying Bag



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  • SIFIT-3.5 Bluetooth Digital Fitness Calorie Counter Pedometer


    Waterproof Bracelet Pedometer, Sleep Mode, Calories Burned, Walking Distance

    Bluetooth Digital Pedometer  


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  • SIFIT-3.6 Bluetooth Activity Tracker Wristband Pedometer with GPS



    Bluetooth PedometeR

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  • SIFIT-5.1 Bluetooth Smart Health Braclet Wearable Device


    Smart Bracelet jewelry Wearable Devices Support IOS And Android System

    Bluetooth Connection

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  • SIFIT-7.8 Smart Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer With Bluetooth


    24H Real Time Heart Rate Monitor

    function :Activities Record/Sleep Monitoring / Remind Alerts/ Anti-lost / Remote Camera Control/HRM

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  • SIFIT-8.5 3D Sensor Bluetooth Activity Tracker Wristband


    Waterproof 3D Rechargeable Bluetooth 4.0 Activity Tracker

    Bosch 3D acceleration sensor with 360 degree high sensitivity to track every imperceptible movement, like an eyelid flutter or a twitchy finger

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  • SIFWATCH-6 Smart Watch Bluetooth Pedometer SOS Button


    Heart Rate Monitor for Elders, Sends data via GSM, Smart Watch With , GPS, SOS, Bluetooth.

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  • Smart Wrist Bluetooth Watch Heart Beat Sensor

    SIFWATCH-6.9 Smart Wrist Bluetooth Watch Heart Beat Sensor


    Wrist Watch, GPS, GPRS Watch, Smart Bleutooth Watch, Waterproof, ECG measure, Fall detection function

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