WiFi connected Scale

The connected weighing scale enables you to transmit your body data through the WiFi to your own smartphone or tablet.

The scale is one sure way to judge weight loss. Yes, you really can buy a scale that’s ready to connect to your home wireless network. Feed you weight information any time during the day

Adopting for a Wi-Fi connection instead of Bluetooth  based scale. You don’t need to have your phone within arm’s. Simply, reach for the scale to send data to its Weight app.

A smart scale does much more than measure your weight. Your smart scale can integrate with an activity tracker. And a health tracking app to help create a more complete picture of your overall health.

  • Track weight for each individual of the family. Separately in customizable logs using your smartphone.
  • Sync to other fitness smart devices.
  • Record other biometric information such as body fat. Water percentage, bone density, and even your resting heart rate. This is do through mild electrical impulses sent through your feet (also known as impedance analysis or impedance measurements).
  • Ability to disable or turn off impedance measurement functions for pregnant women. Or anyone with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device .
  • When synced with information gathered by your fitness devices, create a more detailed picture of your health that can be shared with medical professionals and fitness advisers.
  • For fitness pros and serious athletes, some models can sync with fitness tracking and coaching apps. To also include data such as training intensity, lactic acid threshold, and other advanced statistics and then provide specific fitness coaching suggestions to meet your fitness goals.
  • Create customized permissions to share weight loss data on social media or specific apps, which is helpful for fitness groups or even some lighthearted competition between friends and family members (you would have to specifically set permissions to allow this feature to work as smart scales are designed to protect your health information and require the user to enable sharing features).

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