Waterproof pedometer could resist wet environments and it works under water.

Do you want to track your steps in the pool as you do water walking or water aerobics? Most pedometers and fitness bands are water-resistant, but that only protects while walking in the rain or when you wear them into the shower.

SIFSOF offers a variety of water proof pedometers. You can wear it in the pool and it will count steps for water walking. It can automatically detect a swimming workout, although you must first enable this option as it is turned off by default.

You turn it on in the app under Account, Goals, Exercise, Swimming, Auto-recognize. To track pace and distance you enter the pool length into the app before starting a swim (it becomes the default).

Fitness trackers are one of the best ways to monitor your health, activity and much more, but not all of them will survive a dip in the pool, trip into the shower or even a particularly powerful rainstorm.

Moreover you’ll find in our collection pretty capable pedometers with lots of fitness tracking features packed in and a waterproof design.

Whether you want a fitness tracker that you can wear in the shower or a device that you can take on a swim, you have many options. The best fitness trackers can even keep count of your laps in a pool and estimate how many calories you’ve burned while swimming.

Are you more interested in viewing your data during or after a workout? If you want to keep an eye on your laps while you’re in the pool, you should look for a tracker with a bright screen. You’ll also want to make sure it’s capable of responding to your swipes underwater. If you’re not that concerned with real-time data, consider a screenless alternative.

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