A glucose meter (or glucometer) is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. and sends data via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

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  • SIFGLUCO-7.1 Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter GPRS Glucometer

    $229.00 $189.00

    Blood Glucose Meter, GSM Glucometer, GPRS Blood glucose Meter, Bluetooth Optional

    Item: glucose meter
    Response: 5s
    Memory: 200 guroups
    power supply: chargeable Li battery
    Display mode:mg/dL or mmo1/L display and
    testing time
    Accurate and stable ,
    Automatic Test Strip withdrawal ,
    high-Tech Code Chip,
    before Meal/after meal optional
    Bluetooth/GSM data transmission optional
    25pcs test srips

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  • SIFHEALTH-2.3 Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter


    Bluetooth Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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  • SIFHEALTH-2.8 Glucose Meter with Ketone Warning


    Glucometer With Ketone Warning

    Bluetooth Ketone Meter

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