an instrument for measuring the concentration of glucose in the blood One app allows users who have diabetes to plug glucometers into their iPhones as it tracks insulin doses and sends alerts for abnormally high or low blood sugar levels

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  • SIFGLUCO-1.2 Plug Glucometer Blood Glucose meter

    $98.00 $89.00

    Smart Gluco-Monitoring System,  Pocket Cheap Plug Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    Method Amperometric (glucose oxidase) Measuring range 20 mg/dL – 600 mg/dL 1.1mmol/L  – 33.3mmol/L
    Blood volume: 0.7 micro-liter 
    iOS compatible / Android compatible 
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  • SIFGLUCO-1.2 Plug Glucometer Mobile Blood Glucose Meter


    SmartPhone Glucometer, Take Measurements & Statistics Anywhere

    Connect with mobile phone (compatible with ios & Android)

    Fast 10 seconds test result




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  • Smart Mobile Blood Glucose Meter SIFGLUCO-1.1


    Cheap Plug Blood Glucose Meter

    Sends the Measured Data to the Cloud Drive or Email Address

    Convenient rapid transmission information

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