The GPS smart watch could detect users’ distance, location, distination .The GPS feature improve fitness tracker functionality. In theory, it should be a great addition because it uses so much technology to help your workout.


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  • SIFIT7.98

    GPS Wristband Pedometer with Heart rate & Blood pressure Monitors: SIFIT-7.98

    $200.00 $125.00

    Suitable for all day indoor and outdoor activities

    All-in-one cardio health monitor:

    • Heart rate, stress and HRV index
    •  Blood Pressure
    • Steps
    • Distance
    • Calories
    • Activity Time
    • Auto Sleep Tracking
    • Guided Breathing Sessions
    • Weather Forecast Display
    • Camera Control and Music Control
    • Call & SMS Alert
    • Phone Notification
    • Vibration Clock and Sedentary Reminder
    • Anti-lost & Find your phone
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  • GSM GPRS Activity Tracker Wristband Pedometer

    GSM, GPRS and Activity Tracker Wristband Pedometer SIFIT-2.7


    GSM Data Transmission pedometer

    GSM & GPRS Acticvity Tracker Wristband 

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  • SIFIT-3.6 Bluetooth Activity Tracker Wristband Pedometer with GPS



    Bluetooth PedometeR

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  • SIFWATCH-6 Smart Watch Bluetooth Pedometer SOS Button


    Heart Rate Monitor for Elders, Sends data via GSM, Smart Watch With , GPS, SOS, Bluetooth.

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