The bluetooth thermometer is a connected thermometer that enables user to transmit data to his own device. 


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  • SIFTHERMO-1.1 Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer Dual mode ( Ear & Forhead)


    Infrared Dual Mode  Thermometer / Ear Forehead Thermometer

    3-color backlit LCD display

     High temperature indicator

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  • SIFTHERMO-1.2 Ear Forehead Thermometer Bluetooth Infrared


    Bluetooth 4.0 2 in 1Forehead and Ear Infrared Thermometer

    Switch measurement mode between Ear and Forehead

    Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth4.0)






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  • SIFTHERMO-1.3 Bluetooth Continuous Temperature Monitor For Baby


    Continuous Temperature Monitor for Baby


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  • SIFTHERMO-1.4 Forehead non-contact thermometer with Bluetooth


    Non Contact Forehead Thermometer, 3 Measuring Modes: Forehead, Surfcace, Room

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