Fitness Connected Devices

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Fitness Connected Devices are devices for monitoring and tracking FITNESS-related metrics such as distance walked or run, CALORIE consumption, and heartbeat and quality of sleep.

These FITNESS DEVICES are SYNCED AND MOST OF THE TIME wirelessly, to a computer or SMARTPHONE  such as IOS and ANDROID for long-term data tracking.

Connected Devices are :

Internet of Things (IoT), describes a world in which objects that form part of our everyday lives can communicate through various networks.
Web of Things (WoT), is a term used to describe approaches, software architectural styles and programming patterns that allow real-world objects to be part of the World Wide Web.
Smart device, is an electronic device, generally connected to other devices or networks via different wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc., that can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously.
Home automation devices (or smart home devices), the residential extension of building automation and involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), appliances, and security.
Mobile device, is a small computing device, typically small enough to be handheld (and hence also commonly known as a handheld computer or simply handheld).
Mobile Internet device, is a multimedia-capable mobile device providing wireless Internet access.

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