Smart Watch

.The smart watch monitors your daily activity, your sleep, and your environment. Specifically,; temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. The Smart Watch also monitors your health such as your heart rate,  blood pressure. You can transmit all your body data through Bluetooth or WiFi to your own Smartphone. 

SIFSOF offers a variety of Smart watches. For instance, we’ve developed models that could not only detect your location and track your position. But that also, has an alarm system enables you to be alerted in emergencies for your safety.

On the other hand the bluetooth smart watch enables you to transmit his data to his own device ( Smartphone, Tablet, PC) through the bluetooth option. The smart watch enables users to record the function and structure of the heart to monitor heart’s functionality.
  • This sophisticated watch enables you to detect your activity and movements with a G Sensor function.
  • The GPS watch could detect users’ distance, location, destination .The GPS feature improve fitness tracker functionality. In theory, it should be a great addition because it uses so much technology to help your workout.
  • The Smart watch has a Dual control mode, mobile client GSM or computer GPRS service platform .GPRS real-time positioning, tracking, monitoring. Supports Android and Apple systems .
  • The Pulse Oximeter watch enables users to monitor the amount of oxygen carried in their bodies. It measures the pulse rate.
  • Furthermore other watches enables users to monitor his health such as his temperature skin.
  • While others enables user to monitor his sleep quality .
  • The smart watch Bluetooth pedometer, Smartwatch pedometer has a safety function through the fall detector option for elderly people or kids.
  • SOS Smart watch keeps you always alert in emergency case or in a health problem.
  • It also could be connected to your own device or computer through a USB cable and transmit your data and storage them into your PC or tablet .
  • Moreover SIFSOF offer watches that could resist wet environments users could wear it while swimming or washing the dishes and even in rainy days.
  • The WiFi Smartwatch enables you to connect and transmit your Data to your own Smartphone, Tablet or PC . It is compatible with Windows, MAC, IOS and Android.

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