14 Mhz Ultrasound Scanner

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  • Mini Linear Wireless Portable Ultrasound Scanner For PICC and other intervention, 10 – 14 Mhz SIFULTRAS-3.5

    $2,998.00 $2,287.00

    Wireless Mini Linear Portable Ultrasound Scanner 10-14 Mhz SIFULTRAS-3.5

    Frequency : 10 MHZ / 14 MHz

    Depth : 20mm ~ 55mm

    Measure : PICC, distance, area, obstetrics

    Battery Last : 3 hours (Scan Mode) – 6 Hours (freeze mode)

    Application :PICC Line Insertion,  Thyroid, Breast, Vascular, Nerve, MSK (Musculoskeletal)

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889

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  • sifultras-8-1-portable-ophthalmic-digital-ultrasound-scanner

    SIFULTRAS-8.1 Portable Ophthalmic Digital Ultrasound Scanner

    $8,000.00 $6,995.00

    with normal, vitreous body enhancement, retina observation mode, mainly used for diagnosis of intraocular diseases, display the location, shape range of the focus of infection and the relationship with the surrounding tissue.

    Can be diagnosed vitreous opacity, retinal detachment, eye base tumors etc. eye diseases

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  • SIFULTRAS-8.2 Color Doppler Ophthalmic Ultrasound Scanner

    $5,500.00 $4,795.00

    A scan probe

    10MHz import small size probe, built-in luminotron
    Measuring range: 15mm-40mm
    Measurement precision: ±0. 05mm; with macula lutea trace function


    P scan probe

    20MHZ, angle of 45 degrees makes easier operation
    Resolution: 5um 
    Measuring range: 150um~1500um

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