Built-in Screen Ultrasound Scanner

Wireless built-in screen ultrasound scanner ha also wifi connectivity that allows the end user and save scans and/or send them to a colleague for a second opinion.

Wireless freedom, superior image quality and great practicality. An ultrasound scanner is the third eye of a doctor. That is why our engineering team have been working on developing and elevating our devices.

The linear ultrasound scanner provides scans of the superficial organs. It is highly useful in procedures. Furthermore the built in screen gratifies the user of the capability to cotrole needle depth for procedures such PICC, IV, peripheral nerve block, nerve plexus, midline, etc …

Thanks to its wireless aspect the device does not only saves time and space it also allows you to use the device indoors and outdoors, it travels with you wherever you go.

No more need worrying about contaminated cable or even getting tripped over them.

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