Convex and mini Linear

Conex and Mini Linear SIFULTRAS enables a quick look inside your patients – immediately and non-invasively. With SIFULTRAS you can visually confirm what you hear and feel to help.

In addition to Superior image quality, The ultrasound Scanner is an affordable alternative to the conventional single-headed probe. Wireless Freedom, hence no need for wasting time fixing cables.

Thanks Convex & Mini Linear Color Double Head WiFi Ultrasound Scanner it is now easier for doctors to decide whether a discomfort or irritation is coming from the internal organs or from the more superficial parts of the body.

Dual head Convex and Mini Linear Wireless ultrasound scanner works on both iOS and Android (windows coming soon). It is carry and easy to operate – No special training is needed-.

The Convex and Mini Linear Ultrasound scanner is mainly used by doctor to monitor and signore the abdominal wall. Thanks to the development of ultrasonography doctors are now capable of deciding whether an abnormality is in the abdominal wall or inside the abdominal cavity. Ultrasound scanning is a painless, noninvasive and affordable alternative to assess the changes in the thickness of the abdominal skin, muscles and fascias.

Many illnesses can compromise the abdominal wall and demands high-resolution examination of suspicious fluid and masses. In a case of a defect in any part of the abdominal wall, a Plastic surgeon then might need to intervene to reconstruct.

SIFSOF provide you with several handheld wireless ultrasound scanners that don’t compromise on image quality, offering high resolution ultrasound images that are as good as the best traditional point-of-care systems.


We use a secure point-to-point wireless network to connect to the App on the iOS or Android device you choose for imaging.


With automated gain and frequency settings,our transducers designed to be almost as easy as using the camera on your smart phone.


Save, share, review and manage your ultrasound images privately


A SIFSOF Scanner costs about the same as a traditional high quality transducer

Portable ultrasound is a modality of medical ultrasonography that utilizes small and light devices, compared to the console style ultrasound machines that preceded them. In most cases these mobile ultrasound systems could be carried by hand and in some cases even operated for a time on battery power alone.

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  • Double head color doppler ultrasound - Mini linear and Convex

    Convex & Mini Linear Color Double Head WiFi Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.44

    $5,000.00 $3,299.00

    Convex & Mini Linear Color Double Head WiFi Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.44

    Color Double Head : Convex / Mini Linear Probe.

    Works with : IOS and Android, Tablet or Smartphone.

    Measures : Distance, area, obstetrics, abdomen…

    Certifications : FDA Cleared,  CE,  ISO13485

    Connectivity : WiFi

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