Vein Finder Probe

Help quickly and easily find veins

Adjustable image


Affordable Pricing

–  Vein Probe  is a medical device designed to help quickly and easily find veins using infrared light to detect veins in real time.  Vein Probe, which is often referred to as a vein finder, is particularly helpful in detecting hard to find veins in patients.  The image  of a vein detector is adjustable and can find veins in difficult patients such as those with small veins, infants, elderly, patients with dark skin coloring and cancer patients.  The goal is to reduce pain and discomfort for patients by simplifying the procedure to one needle stick.
The Vein Probe utilizes proprietary image processing software for the most detailed and accurate vein identification on the market.  The Vein Probe is easy to use and only takes minutes to learn to operate.  In time critical situations the Vein Probe can be used to quickly identify the veins for injection or infusion and reduce multiple efforts to find a vein.  The adjustable camera and display provide a precise and accurate image that is clear to see and helps produce desired results the first time.

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