Head-mounted Vein Viewer

The working principle of the  head-mounted venography, is that it uses specific near-infrared light to irradiate the body surface. T

his band of infrared light can be organized through the skin and to a certain thickness of fat layer in the human body’s optical window. The dual camera captures the avatar.

After the digital avatar is processed and displayed on the LCD screen, the medical staff in the 3D head-mounted venography imager’s micro-liquid crystal screen directly sees the image as the naked eye sees images of the same size in the scene, so that the vein blood vessels are imaged.

It is clearly identifiable to help medical staff to easily find blood vessels that need venipuncture.

Vein Finder is suitable for any department that needs venipuncture and for any skin color and any part of the patient who needs venipuncture. Truly achieve “a needle”, thus reducing the pain of multiple puncture patients and the risk of infection.

The 3D vein finder instrument is composed of DLP optical digital processing system, near-infrared camera and infrared LED, etc. It uses specific near-infrared light to illuminate the skin surface.

In the optical window of the human body, the infrared light can penetrate the skin and a certain thickness of adipose tissue, obtain the image through the double camera, and display it on the skin after the digital image processing.

The blood vessel illustration seen by the medical staff and the actual vessel image is 1: 1 ratio, without any deviation, the blood vessel is clearly discernible, and the medical staff can easily find the blood vessel. No color, light, part, or medical environment will affect the operation.

The main application field of 3D headset vein imaging instrument is the tool of vein puncture to find blood vessel. The purpose of this paper is to transform the image information such as the position and direction of vein not obvious or difficult to locate into the visible image of the naked eye and display it clearly.

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  • Head-mounted 3D Optical Display Vein Finder SIFVEIN-3.1 main

    Head-mounted 3D Optical Display Vein Finder SIFVEIN-3.1

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    DLP optical digital processing system.

    Item: Portable Head-mounted 3D Vein Finder Glass Type Optical Display SIFVEIN-3.1.

    Battery Life: ≥ 10 hours.

    Working distance: 25cm ± 5cm.

    Display method: 3D display.

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