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  • SIFROBOT-1.2

    Intelligent telepresence Robot with interactive speech and Auto-Navigation : SIFROBOT-1.1 with 1000m² Visual Navigation Area

    $23,000.00 $14,950.00

    Whole machine
    Weight: 15KG
    Battery capacity: 10.2Ah
    Average battery life: 10 hours

    Microphone array: 4 microphones linear
    Pick-up range: 4m
    Sound source localization: Two-dimension 180 degrees
    Speech interruption: Supported
    Voice wake-up: Supported
    Echo cancellation: Supported

    Sensors: 3D camera
    Detection range: 3~4M
    Localization accuracy: 30cm

    Master control
    Main board: consumer
    CPU frequency: 1.8GHz Quadcore ARM
    Storage space: 16G

    Loudspeaker: Dual track
    DSP equalizer: no

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