Intelligent Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.56 main pic
Intelligent Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.56
August 11, 2020
Bluetooth Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer: SIFROBOTSET-7.6 main pic
Bluetooth Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer: SIFROBOTSET-7.6
August 13, 2020
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Adjustable Foldable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD main pic

Foldable Adjustable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD

$150.00 $98.00

Adjustable Foldable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD

Tripod – Stand for the SIFROBOT-7.6 and the SIFROBOT-7.61

Package size: 68*7*7 cm

Weight: 0.75kg

Material: Steel

Adjustable height: 85-200cm

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10 × Trees planted for one purchased item


Foldable Adjustable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD



The Foldable Adjustable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD is a tripod suitable for fixing the bluetooth non-contact thermometers: The SIFROBOT-7.6 and SIFROBOT-7.61.


Adjustable Foldable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD Tripods








Product name Tripod for SIFROBOT-7.6 + SIFROBOT-7.61
Package size 68*7*7 cm
Weight 0.75kg
Material Steel
Adjustable height 85-200cm
Folding height 71cm
Device holder pipe diameter 25.4/22.2/19/16mm



Adjustable Foldable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD sizes


Adjustable Foldable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD tripod



Packaging of the SIFTRIPOD:


Adjustable Foldable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD packed




Adjustable Foldable Tripod: SIFTRIPOD

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10 × We plant for you ten Trees 


× 10 Trees planted for one purchased item 

One Tree Planted is on a mission to reforest our planet and provide education, awareness and engagement on the importance of trees in our ecosystem. It also has a social impact encouraging and giving incentive to low income people to plant Trees in their Area.

Reducing carbon footprint : A mature tree absorbs an average of 48 lbs of CO2 per year.

We give you the chance to participate and be part of this noble project. We plant Trees for you for each product you purchase from SIFSOF.

Let’s re-Green our Earth together 🙂   …


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