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June 17, 2020
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AI Infrared Thermal Camera: SIFROBOT-7.51

AI Infrared Thermal Camera With Blackbody: SIFROBOT-7.51

$9,000.00 $5,998.00

AI Thermal Camera + Blackbody

Resolution: 320×240

Frame rate: 9Hz

Measurement range: 32.0°C – 42.9°C   (89.6°F – 109.22°F)

Measurement accuracy: ±0.3°C (±0.54°F)

High Temperature Alarm: Voice alarm

Recommended tripods:  1.9m for the camera / 1.6m for the blackbody. Compatible with Nikon and Canon and stands.


AI Infrared Thermal Camera With Blackbody:



The AI Infrared Thermal Camera: SIFROBOT-7.51 is a  high-precision thermal imager used for a real-time thermal screening. The device can measure the temperature of 35 person at the same time and provide a voice alarm in case it detects abnormal body temperature.

AI Infrared Thermal Camera: SIFROBOT-7.51       AI Infrared Thermal Camera: SIFROBOT-7.51

Real-time Temperature Monitoring:

AI Thermal Camera SIFROBOT-7.51 Technical Specifications:




Infrared thermal imaging Resolution 320×240
Response wave band 8-14um
Frame rate 9Hz
NETD 70mK@25°C (77°F)
Field angle 34.4 in horizontal, 25.8 in vertical
Lens 6.5mm
Measurement range 32.0°C – 42.9°C   (89.6°F – 109.22°F)
Measurement accuracy ±0.3°C (±0.54°F)
Measurement Face detection, Temperature measurement.
Color palette White , Rainbow, Iron, Tyrian.
General Interface Power supply and data transmission through standard Micro USB 2.0
Language English
Operating temp -20°C (-4°F) ~ +60°C (+140°F) (it is recommended to use at ambient temp of 10°C (50°F) ~ 30°C (+86°C))
Storage temp -40°C (-40°F)- +85°C (+185°F)
Waterproof and dustproof IP54
Size 129mm*73mm*61mm (L*W*H)
Net weight 295g
Picture storage JPG, PNG, BMP.
Installation ¼” Standard tripod or pan-tilt hoisting is adopted, total 4 holes.
Software Temp display High temp tracking in measurement area can be set.
Alarm Available for alarm over the set high threshold temp, can sound alarm, snapshot alarm photos and store simultaneously.
Temp compensation The users can set up temperature compensation according to the environments
Photograph Manually under opening, automatically under alarming
Internet cloud upload Customized according to cloud requirements

SIFROBOT-7.51 Blackbody Mode:


SIFROBOT-7.51 comes with a blackbody for the continuous calibration and accuracy maintenance. The blackbody is widely used for calibration of infrared optical system, measurement of emissivity of various materials, calibration of infrared detectors and infrared radiation instruments




Temperature Range +5℃~50℃ (41°F ~ 122°F)
Black target surface diameter 80 x 80mm
Effective emissivity 0.96 ± 0.02
Temperature resolution 0.01℃
Temperature stability ±0.1℃(10/ minute)
Temperature measurement accuracy ±(0.15+0.003|t|)℃
Fixed temperature calibration 37.00°C (98.6°F)
Power supply 110V – 240V, 50Hz
Working environment 0℃~50℃ (32°F~122°F) Humidity≤90%RH
Dimension 110 x 110 x 190mm
Weight of the blackbody 1.7kg
Installation ¼” Standard tripod is adopted


User Friendly PC Software:

AI Infrared Thermal Camera: SIFROBOT-7.51

Proper Installation of SIFROBOT-7.51: 



Multiple Application Scenarios:



AI Infrared Thermal Camera: SIFROBOT-7.51





AI Infrared Thermal Camera: SIFROBOT-7.51



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