GPS detector smart pedometer tracking watch phone for elder with loud speaker : SIFGPS-1.1
December 8, 2018
High Quality 6 LEDs Laryngoscope: SIFLARYNG-1.2 main
High Quality 6 LEDs Laryngoscope: SIFLARYNG-1.2
December 12, 2018
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High Resolution 3 LEDs Laryngoscope: SIFLARYNG-1.1

$2,999.00 $1,847.00

Resolution: 640*480.

Video aspect ratio: 4:3.

Light Source: 3 LEDs.

Camera: 2 Million Pixels.

Illuminance: 800 LUX.

Data Storage: 4GB SD Card.

Anti Fog Function.

Certifications: FDA , CE.

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High Resolution 3 LEDs Laryngoscope: SIFLARYNG-1.1



Doctors use the Laryngoscope SIFLARYNG-1.1 to look into your throat and larynx, or voice box.

Laryngoscopy is a procedure that is done by the Doctor to help in intubation during the administration of general Anaesthesia. Also, It can help detect causes of voice problems, such as breathing voice, hoarse voice, weak voice…

Apart from that, this procedure can detect causes of throat and ear pain, aid the medical specialist in detecting strictures or injuries to the throat…

The Medical Specialist can use our Laryngoscope SIFLARYNG-1.1 to diagnose Dysarthria, Strido, Dyspnea, Hemoptysis, Odynophagia, Dysphagia…
Moreover, Our High Resolution Laryngoscope can also come in handy in detecting chronis throat pain sources, identifying laryngal forein bodies. Therefor, finding the cause for the patient’s voice changes, chronic cough, choking episodes, shortness of breath…


Laryngoscope SIFLARYNG-1.1




  • 3.5 Inches LCD HD Screen.
  • Screen Resolution: 640*480.
  • 2 Million Pixels HD Anti Fog Camera.
  • Illuminance: 800LUX.
  • Battery: High Quality Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery.
  • Camera Anti-Fog Function.
  • Lenses: High-Definition Polymers, Medical PC Material.


       Specifications Of The High Resolution Laryngoscope:

  • Display: LCD 3.5 Inches.
  • Resolution: 640*480.
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3.
  • Camera: 2 Million Pixels.
  • Illuminance: Over 800 LUX.
  • Storage: 4GB SD Card.
  • Light Source: LED.
  • Battery capacity: 3200mAh, voltage 3.7V, continuous working time is more than 200Min
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours.
  • Power supply: MicroUSB Charging Interface.
  • Weight: Less Than 350g.


       SIFLARYNG-1.1 Flexible Insertion Tube (Optional):

SIFLARYNG Optional Probe


       Laryngoscope SIFLARYNG-1.1 Tube Features:

  • Laryngoscope With 3 Instrument Channel Sizes: 1.2mm, 2.2mm, 2.6mm.
  • Optimal Image Quality.
  • Wider Angulation Range: 160 Up, 130 Down.
  • 1:1 Inserted Rotation Function.


        Tube Specifications:

  • Depth Of Field: 3-50 mm.
  • Outer Diameter: 2.8 mm, 3.9 mm, 5.2 mm, 5.8 mm.
  • Length: 650mm.
  • Channel Inner Diameter: 1.2mm, 2.2mm, 2.6mm.
  • Angulation Range: 160 Up, 130 Down.






Laryngoscope SIFLARYNG-1.1

High Resolution 3 LEDs Laryngoscope SIFLARYNG-1.1.

Flexible Insertion Tube (Optional).

12 Months Warranty.