New Hospital Clinic Equipment Portable Dual-head vein transilluminator vein detector : SIFVEIN-4.8
April 24, 2018
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April 27, 2018
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High resolution vein viewer /vein detector: SIFVEIN-4.9

$3,200.00 $2,190.00

Type:  Clinical Examination Aids

Product size : 56cm*43cm*32cm

Power supply system:   19V3A 60W

Medical Resolution    :7 inches, resolution ≥ 1024*768 pixel 

Built-in Battery:  yes

Camera System:  High Resolution

Weight:  6kg

Medical cold light:  Non-pollution, Radiation Free.

Application: Hospitals,Clinics, Medical institutions..

Target User: Infant,Children, obese patient


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 High resolution vein viewer /vein detector: SIFVEIN-4.9

Features for vein viewer price:

Product advantage:

1, We have been sold it in the lowest price , in order to meet consumers.

2, In order to meet the needs of different customers, our products are more functional than peers.

For example, they just only show up thin people’s veins, but our product can show up adult/ fat /old /children’s veins ,etc.

3, This product has very good market with good product quality.

The venous imaging system is a high-tech product with the most advanced venous imaging technology, we processed products not only pay attention to quality, but also pay attention to the function and effect. At present, we have produced a variety of intravenous products. Different models have different functions and effects. Our products of venous imaging, can display human veins on the surface of the screen accurately,real-time and clearly.


Main parameters:

Function:It is used for searching and locating the Vein , and  display the vein of human clearly on the screen, so as to assist the medical staff to puncture successfully, especially for the patients with obesity, edema, dark and hairy skin which is difficult to find vein.

Technical principle: Different absorption of hemoglobin in the vein to the infrared light, Through the conversion of HC system,so as to present the vein clearly and real -time.


Technical Specifications:

Medical cold light source:   non-pollution, Radiation free

Camera:    High quality camera system

Power supply system:   19V3A 60W

Professional medical surveillance screen:    7 inches, resolution  1024*768 pixel

Weight:  6kg

Product size : 56cm*43cm*32cm

SIFVEIN-4.9  is  useful with a variety of patients :

Product Functions:
1. Reduce the pain to the patients during injection
2. Lower working intensity of nurses
3. Relieve psychological stress of nurses
4. Improve satisfaction degree for hospital

Applicable People:
– Infant
– Pediatric Patients
– Obese Patients
– Edema Patients
– Patients with weak perfusion in
– Patients with vascular collapsed
– Patients with poor vascular elasticity
– Patients with multiple chemotherapy
– Patients with blood volume decreased dramatically


SIFVEIN-1.1 Portable Vein Detector ,non invasive infrared technology ,touch in screen


Packing info:

Product size : 56cm*43cm*32cm

Product Weight Main unit about 6kg.