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March 26, 2019
SIFVEIN-1.4 vein viewer
Portable Infrared Vein Viewer, Clinical Vein Visualization SIFVEIN-1.4
April 4, 2019
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Hospital Clinic Equipment Infrared Vein Finder / Vein Detector : SIFVEIN-1.8

$2,400.00 $1,800.00

Type:  Vein finder

Condition; New

Category: Clinic

Vein finder size: 185mm*115mm*55mm
Water resistance: IPX0

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Hospital Clinic Equipment Infrared Vein Finder /Vein Detector : SIFVEIN-1.8

One of the most difficult aspects of taking blood is finding an adequate blood vessel. Some patients veins are very small and / or deep and prevent healthcare professionals from finding it quickly and easily. Repeated needle are painful for patients. SIFVEIN-1.8 allows health care workers to better see veins.

SIFVEIN-1.8 is a portable medical vein viewer is designed for venipuncture. SIFVEIN-1.8 can be used widely in hospital, pediatric clinic,  emergency room, outpatient clinic/ center, clinical laboratory, blood bank/ center, military medics unit, the  CDC, rehabilitation center, nursing homes and others.

First, the hemoglobin in the blood absorbs the infrared light, so there is a reduced amount of light reflection from the veins.  Then, SIFVEIN-1.8 provides a custom detection system that uses this change in reflection to determine vein location and pattern, which it digitally projects on the surface of the skin.  Lastly, the red laser of SIFVEIN-1.8  makes the vein mapping visible to the clinician.


  • Portable, non- contact vein finder used in venipuncture, for displaying veins beneath the surface
  • Use safe infrared light source and strong light source both, no laser, no radiation
  • Color image clear and accurate
  • No patient contact, no need to be sterilized after every use
  • Easy to learn and use, just turn it on to display the veins beneath the skin
  • Small size, fits in your hand and main unit weight only 480g
  • Hands- free option, can be converted from hand held to hands- free quickly and easily
  • Rechargeable battery, more than 4 hours of continuous work.
  • Works in light or dark lit environments
  • Disassemble outer shell, easier to carry, save freight


  • effective projection distance:  29cm~31cm
  • Projection illumination:  300lux~1000lux
  • Illumination light including wave length: 750nm~980nm
  • Precision error <1mm
  • Rechargeable battery:
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Power adapter Input: 100-240Va.c., 50/60Hz, 0.7A Output:dc. 5V 4A,20W Max
  • Vein finder size: 185mm×115mm×55mm,Deviation±5mm
  • Vein finder weight: ≤0.7kg
  • Stand weight Vein finder stand I: ≤1.1kg
  • Vein finder stand II: ≤3.5kg
  • Water resistance: IPX0


SIFVEIN-1.8 uses

It is suitable for Children, The elderly, Obese or edema patients, Dark- skinned patients, Patients with anemia, hypotension, or excessive loss of blood

SIFVEIN-1.1 Portable Vein Detector ,non invasive infrared technology ,touch in screen


One portable unit
Bracket with rechargeable battery
One power adapter
Image Enhancement System
One User’ s manual

12 Months Warranty

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