3 in 1 Color Doppler Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-3.32 main pic
3 in 1 Color Doppler Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-3.32
February 15, 2020
Humanoid Intelligent Commercial Service Robot SIFROBOT-5.3 main pic
Humanoid Intelligent Commercial Service Robot SIFROBOT-5.3
February 18, 2020
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Humanoid-Waiter-Robot-with-Laser-Navigation-for-Delivery-Food-and-Drink - SIFSOF

Humanoid Smart Catering Services Robot SIFROBOT-5.2

$12,000.00 $10,899.00

Size: 1500*560*810mm.

Navigation mode: Lidar SLAM

Battery capacity: 20Ah (Lithium battery)

Charging time: ≤ 10 hours.

Working time: ≥ 10 hours.

Screen size: 8″ .

Control system: Android based on Linux

Sensors: 1 Laser Sensor, 7-Infrared Sensor, 1-Ultrasonic Sensor

Certifications: CE / FCC.

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× 30 Trees planted for one purchased item

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Humanoid Smart Catering Services Robot SIFROBOT-5.2

Standing just 5-feet tall, the humanoid waiter robot, SIFROBOT-5.2 provides seamless service as a delivery robot. SIFROBOT-5.2 can hold up to 5kg of weight on its trays. SIFROBOT-5.2 is equipped with SLAM Tech, making navigation very easy. SIFSOF humanoid intelligent service robot will stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of everyone at restaurants, food courts in malls or airports, business meetings, etc.

     Main services by SIFROBOT-5.2, Smart waiter robot:

1- Office delivery assistance

2- Guest/customer greeting/reception

3- Dish delivery

4- Taking food orders

5- Ads broadcast (e.g. Menu of the day)

6- Promotional services

     Main functions of SIFROBOT-5.2, intelligent service robot:

   Laser Navigation.

Laser navigation allowing the robot to built a map while walking to the assigned seats after seat numbers are given on a remote control. The time that the waiter robot takes to serve can be adjusted if the customer’s in a hurry.

With optical or magnetic sensors, the robot is able to know exactly where to stop in the restaurant and how to return to the kitchen when the food is delivered.

   Sound Technology.

The waiter robot can also play music and Ads through its speakers.

   Interactive Speech.

SIFROBOT-5.2 can carry trays of food, greet customers and even communicate through a series of simple phrases.

When it arrives at a specific seat, the SIFROBOT-5.2 turns to the customer and greets them politely with: “Hello! Here’s your order, and please enjoy yourself.” Then, after the guests get their food from the tray, the intelligent waiter robot says, “Please touch my hand if you don’t need anything else”. When the customer touches SIFROBOT-5.2’s hand, the robot automatically heads to the next guest.

     Advantages of humanoid smart waiter robot SIFROBOT-5.2:

The humanoid smart waiter robot SIFROBOT-5.2 is an innovative functional robot that can act as an interactive assistant for any service sector.

The robot waiter can carry out reception duties, food and drinks delivery, create an interactive shopping experience and provide consultative and informative explanations.

SIFROBOT-5.2 can be used in hotels for room service, it can be used in car dealerships, restaurants, cafés, etc.

Imagine entering a restaurant and SIFROBOT-5.2 is there to greet you. It, then, guides you to your table and delivers your food.

SIFROBOT-5.2’s maintenance is quite easy and economic. It’s also stable in performance, durable in lifetime and quite useful in enhancing the restaurant’s brand.

The smart servie robot has high efficiency with an optimized internal design and control system.


SIFROBOT-5.2 Robot vs. HumansSIFROBOT-5.2 Auto Docking




Humanoid Smart Catering Services Robot SIFROBOT-5.2

12 Months Warranty



30 × We plant for you thirty Trees 


× 30 Trees planted for one purchased item 

One Tree Planted is on a mission to reforest our planet and provide education, awareness and engagement on the importance of trees in our ecosystem. It also has a social impact encouraging and giving incentive to low income people to plant Trees in their Area.

Reducing carbon footprint : A mature tree absorbs an average of 48 lbs of CO2 per year.

We give you the chance to participate and be part of this noble project. We plant Trees for you for each product you purchase from SIFSOF.

Let’s re-Green our Earth together 🙂   …

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