Blood ketone test strips for SIFKETONE-1.1
January 17, 2018
SIFKETOKIT-1.21 For Ketogenic Diet 3 in 1 ketone ,Glucose and Cholesterol
February 2, 2018
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Ketogenic Diet 3 in 1 ketone,Glucose and Cholesterol SIFKETOKIT-1.2

$299.00 $163.00

SIFKETOKIT-1.2 For Ketogenic Diet 3 in 1 ketone, Glucose and Cholesterol.

It offers special Pack for Ketogenic Diet that includes:

  • Blood Ketone meter
  • Blood Glucose/Cholesterol Multi- measurement in one single system with Blutooch 4.0
  • Ketone test strips: 10 strips
  • Glucose test strips: 50 srips
  • Cholesterol test strips : 10 strips
  • Lancing Device: 1 Lancet device
  • Lancets: 70 Lancets


SIFKETOKIT-1.2 For Ketone, Glucose and cholesterol testing levels.

Description :

Blood Ketone Meter

Color : White

Blood Volume  3μl

Measuring time : 30±1s


–     Protection from diabetic ketoacidosis

–     Blood ketone monitoring: 30-second test for ketone body

–     Advanced, professional, rapid, convenient and inexpensive

–    Used by the world leading bio-enzyme technology

–    better than another test methods for ketone body

–   Siphon sample injection, automatic switch-on & switch-off

–   Track display for time and date

–   Easy to operate

–   Self-test for those patients with symptom of diabetic ketoacidosi

–   Top choice for severe diabetics

–   Application of ketone test for pregnant women who are succumbed to severe vomiting;

 Blood Glucose/Cholesterol Multi-measurement in one single system.


Wireless Bluetooth Blood Glucose / Cholesterol Meter

Multi-measurement in ONE single system

Fast reaction time



Wireless Bluetooth Blood Glucose meter

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth4.0)

• Principle: Electrochemical Bisensor

• Sample: Capillary whole blood

• Blood Sample Volume: 1.0uL(glucose), 10uL (cholesterol)

• Measure Time: 10sec. (glucose), less than 30sec. (cholesterol)

• System Operation Temp: 10-40 degree

• Relative Humidity: Less than 95%

• Power: 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery


This product is not to be used in THE US .

1 × Blood Ketone Meter SIFKETONE-1.1
1 × Box (10 Blood Ketone Test strips)
12 Months Warranty

5 × We plant for you 5 Trees 



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