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November 12, 2018
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SIFULTRAS-5.34 Linear color portable ultrasound scanner

Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34

$3,200.00 $2,489.00

Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34 – Color Doppler

Scan mode : Electronic array

Frequency : 7.5 MHz 10 MHz

Depth : 20mm ~ 100mm

Measure : distance, area, obstetrics

Certifications: FDA Cleared,  CE,  ISO13485

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 × 10 Trees planted for one purchased item

Color Doppler Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34



Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34, The linear ultrasound probe is the manifestation of the advancements in ultrasonography. Our advanced color Doppler is a small, mobile scanner packed with high-end technology.


Enhance the physical exam and strengthen your clinical confidence. Above all Color Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner is pocket size, handheld and wireless. It interfaces with your Tablet or smartphone and it is IOS and Android compatible.


You can count on the Color Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner throughout your busy day, a single charge provides up to 90 minutes of continuous scanning. Easy-to-swap batteries can extend operations all day long.



 Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34 is the primary investigative technique in many conditions. Ultrasound is also pre-eminent in the diagnosis the internal organs of the body.

Furthermore, Color Doppler ultrasound machine, is a special ultrasound technique that allows the physician to see and evaluate blood flow through arteries and veins in the abdomen, arms, legs, neck and/or brain (in infants and children) or within various body organs such as the liver or kidneys.




SIFULTRAS-5.34 is the technology’s greatest potential for surgical mitral valve repair. The technology allows the surgeon to immediately see the results of the repair, and provides good information on the evolution of ventricular function.The Color Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner 7.5, 10 MHz Harmonic SIFULTRAS-5.34 can be used at various locations beyond the cath lab, including the ICU, the EP lab, the OR and for ultrasound-guided procedures at the bedside.



What makes Our Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34 So attractive :


  • Interfaces with tablet or smartphone, IOS and Android Compatible.
  • Small and light, easy to carry and operate .
  • Superior Color Image Quality.
  • Cost-Effective.
  • Accurate scan results.
  • Wireless freedom.
  • A single charge can hold up to 90 minutes of successive scanning.



  • Works on  Tablet or Smart  Phone.
  • Built-in and replaceable battery.
  • Advanced digital  imaging technology, clear image.
  • High cost-effective.
  • Wireless connectivity, easy to operate.
  • Small and  light , easy to carry.
  • Applicable in emergency, clinic, gastroenterology, A transthoracic echo TTE, outdoor and vet inspection.
  • Intelligent terminal platform, powerful expansion functions on application, storage, communication and printing.


sifultras-5.34 product details



  • Scanning system : Electronic array scanning.
  • Linear / Color.Wieless probe charger
  • Frequency :  7.5 MHz – 10 MHz.
  • 128 Elements.
  • Depth: 20 ~ 100 mm, Adjustable.
  • Field of view(convex array) : 80 degree.
  • Screen : Smart phone or tablet screen.
  • Supporting system : Apple IOS & Android. Tablet or Smartphone. (Windows system coming soon).
  • Display mode : B.
  • Frame rate : 12f/s.
  • Image gray scale : 256 level.
  • Image Storage : Intelligent terminal platform, powerful expansion functions on application, storage, communication and printing.
  • Suitable for abdomen organs ultrasound scanning.
  • Power : by built-in battery.
  • Power consumption : 10W (unfreeze) /4W (freeze).
  • Battery working time : 3 hours.
  • Size : 156mm×60mm×24mm.
  • Weight : 308 gram.





 Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34
1 × USB Charger
1 × Wireless Charger (Optional)
12 Months Warranty


10 × We plant for you ten Trees 


× 10 Trees planted for one purchased item 

One Tree Planted is on a mission to reforest our planet and provide education, awareness and engagement on the importance of trees in our ecosystem. It also has a social impact encouraging and giving incentive to low income people to plant Trees in their Area.

Reducing carbon footprint : A mature tree absorbs an average of 48 lbs of CO2 per year.

We give you the chance to participate and be part of this noble project. We plant Trees for you for each product you purchase from SIFSOF.

Let’s re-Green our Earth together 🙂  …


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