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February 18, 2019
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SIFULTRAS-5.29 wireless linear ultrasound

Portable Linear Ultrasound SIFULTRAS-5.29 FDA

$2,000.00 $1,545.00

Linear 96 Elements Portable Ultrasound Scanner 7.5 MHz SIFULTRAS-5.29, L40

Scan mode : Electronic array.

Elements : 96 elements.

Depth : 20mm ~ 100mm.

Measure : abdomen wall, distance, area, obstetrics.

Certifications: FDA CLEARED,  CE,  ISO13485.

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Portable Linear Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.29 FDA


ultrasound scanner linearLinear 96 Elements Portable Ultrasound Scanner 7.5 MHz SIFULTRAS-5.29 is designed for superficial imaging. The crystals are aligned in a linear fashion within a flat head and produce sound waves in a straight line. The image produced by Linear 96 Elements Portable Ultrasound Scanner 7.5 MHz SIFULTRAS-5.29 is rectangular in shape.

This probe has high frequency (7.5) which provides better resolution and less penetration. Therefore, this probe is ideal for imaging superficial structures and in ultrasound-guided procedures.

It is handheld, pocket-sized and wireless. Hence, Linear 96 Elements Portable Ultrasound Scanner 7.5 MHz SIFULTRAS-5.29 transmits the scanned data through WiFi. It connects to your smartphone or tablet and it is IOS and Android compatible.linear doppler

In Addition, Linear 96 Elements Portable Ultrasound Scanner 7.5 MHz SIFULTRAS-5.29 can reduce issues of contaminated cables or of them getting in your way. It is wireless, thus, suitable for surgery without the need of fixing cables.

Furthermore the Linear 96 Elements Portable Ultrasound Scanner 7.5 MHz SIFULTRAS-5.29 can provide quick and accurate data in cases of needle placement. Either in surgery or other simple procedure that necessitate accurate needle placement. You can count on Linear 96 Elements Portable Ultrasound Scanner 7.5 MHz SIFULTRAS-5.29.



linear probe

   You can use this Linear Ultrasound Scanner for various applications, such as:

  • Vascular examination.
  • Venipuncture, blood vessel visualization.
  • Breast.
  • Thyroid.
  • Tendon, arthrogenous.

  • Intraoperative, laparoscopy.
  • The thickness measurement of body fat and musculus for daily health care check and locomotive syndrome check.
  • Photoacoustic imaging, ultrasonic velocity change imaging.



  • Works on Tablet or Smartphone, IOS and Android.
  • Built-in and replaceable battery.
  • Advanced digital  imaging technology, clear image.
  • High cost-effective.
  • Wireless connectivity, easy to operate.
  • Small and  light , easy to carry.
  • Applicable in emergency, clinic, outdoor and vet inspection.
  • Intelligent terminal platform, powerful expansion functions on application, storage, communication and printing.

Ultrasound Doppler SIFULTRAS-5.29

      Specifications :

  • Frequency : 7.5 MHz.
  • Linear.
  • 96 elements.
  • Depth : 20mm ~ 100mm.
  • Scan mode : electronic array.
  • Display mode : b, b/m.
  • Measure : abdomen wall, distance,area, obstetrics.
  • Battery last : 4 hours.
  • Dimension : 180mmx60mmx60mm.
  • Weight : 300gram.
  • WiFi type : 802.11g/20mhz/2.4g.
  • Software supply system : apple IOS and android.
  • Image frame rate : 12f/s.



Certifications :


Portable Linear Ultrasound SIFULTRAS-5.29
1 × USB Charger
1 × Wireless Charger (Optional)
12 Months Warranty


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