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October 13, 2018
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Portable Vein Viewer for Injection & Venipuncture : SIFVEIN-5.9 Vein Detector

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Item: SIFVEIN-5.9 vein viewer.

Type: Portable Handheld Infrared Vein finder .

Light type: Infrared.

Color: White.

Classification: Class I

Application: Injection , Venipuncture (VP)…..

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Portable Vein Viewer for Injection & Venipuncture : SIFVEIN-5.9 Vein Detector


The SIFVEIN-5.9 vein viewer works on simple principle. By utilizing the absorption difference between skin tissue and blood vessels under near infrared light. The acquired infrared image is processed by a series of algorithms to enhance the subcutaneous blood vessels. With a DLP projector, the aligned image is finally projected to skin surface which highly coincide to original veins.

Further, the vein viewer SIFVEIN-5.9 has several benefits. It doesn’t only serve to assist medical staffs to assess superficial blood vessels more safely, efficiently and intuitively, But also, to find the sited blood vessels easily and quickly before picture. Which in itself results into increased patients’ satisfaction, reduce medical staffs’ working intensity and mitigate nurses’ psychological stress.

Portable vein viewer for injection & venipuncture : SIFVEIN-5.9


  • Completed models, clear imaging.
  • Easy to operate, no electromagnetic radiation.
  • Multi-type brackets for various application environments.
  • Accurate positioning, focusing by mark point.
  • Patented technology, 3D effect displaying.
  • AC or DC alternatively, long standby time.

Portable vein viewer for injection & venipuncture : SIFVEIN-5.9


  1. Stand Mode:
  • Base diameter: D=640mm.
  • Max height: 1425mm.
  • Lifting head: 400mm.
  • Feature: Light, flexible to use, applicable to many places, long range of adjustment, wide coverage.
  • Application scenario: Inpatient rooms, outpatient rooms, department of pediatrics, emergency departments, blood centers.

2. Table-Top:

  • Clamped base: Applicable to the 10-80mm thick table.
  • Base size: 130*115mm.
  • Max height: 550mm.
  • Lifting height: 400mm.
  • Feature: longe range of adjustment, wide coverage.

      The vein viewer SIFVEIN-5.9:

  • It has three modes: normal mode (white light), round mode (green light), and mode of image enhancement and vein depth recognition.
  • It is equipped with table support and stand support, and easy to operate.
  • Vein Depth Recognition: Under Image Enhancement mode, adjust the sign “+” on the vein, then vein depth information will be displayed by green light beside the vein. According to blood vessels from shallow to deep, there will be respectively one, two and three green lights on.

Portable vein viewer for injection & venipuncture : SIFVEIN-5.9


  • Reduce pain for patients during treatments.
  • Lower nurses’ working intensity.
  • Relieve psychological stress of nurses.
  • Improve degree of satisfaction for hospital.

      The SIFVEIN-5.9 is suitable for:

  • Infants.
  • Obese patients.
  • Emergency patients.
  • Perfusion patients.
  • Pediatric patients.
  • Edema patients.
  • Shock Patients.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Patients with poor blood vessel elasticity.
  • Vascular collapse patients.
  • Patients with blood volume reduced sharply.

SIFVEIN-1.1 Portable Vein Detector ,non invasive infrared technology ,touch in screen

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sifultrasPortable Vein Viewer for Injection & Venipuncture : SIFVEIN-5.9 Vein Detector

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