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September 22, 2017
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SIFECG-5.1 Portable ECG Monitor,10leads 12-channel ECG

$3,280.00 $3,123.00

.Portable Easy ECG Monitor and easy to operate.

.Store and analyze up to 12-channels of high-resolution ECG data.

.Multiple options for viewing reports , transferable to PDF, JPEG, or TIFF formats.

.  93% Accuracy , 97% Negative predictive value


SIFECG-5.1 Portable ECG Monitor,The easy-to-use, smallest and lightest 12-channel ECG

Connect the SIFECG-5.1 to any PC to acquire, store and analyze up to 12-channels of high-resolution ECG data with only 10 electrodes



Hub Weight


250-335 grams (depending on cables)


Hub Dimensions


85 mm x 91 mm x 20 mm (3.3” x 3.6” x .8”)


Patient Leads Length


Limb Leads: 1 meter
Chest Leads: 0.6 meter
PC Connection Length


1-3 meters USB A type Connector (USB version)


Patient Leads


12-Lead Cable (10 Patient Leads)


Case Material


ABS Plastic


Electrode Connection


4 mm Banana plug with “snap” or “tab” connectors


Display & Operating Console


Dependent on PC (Supplied by user)


Gain Sensitivity


5, 10, 20 mm/mV




12.5, 25 and 50 mm/s


Input Range


±6 mV


Acquisition Sample Rate


1000 samples/sec.

(Compressed to 500 Hz with peak picking and averaging algorithm)


Heart Rate Range


30 – 170 bpm


Frequency Response


0.05 – 175 Hz ±3dB


Defibrillation Protection


Patient leads are isolated from system and operator, with 4kV protection


Common Mode Rejection


-60dB (minimum)


Safety Standards


Complies with AAMI EC11, EN60601-1, EN60601-2, EN60601-2-25


Leads Off Indicators


Connection status for each lead is shown on Acquisition screen


Power Source


PC, powered from USB interface


Supply Voltage


4-16 V DC


Supply Current


< 17 mA DC


Permanent Filters



High Pass: 0.05 Hz 1st order; Low Pass: 170 Hz 1st order


Baseline Wander: Baseline reset by adaptive zeroing


Notch filter

(Mains noise Rejection)



50 Hz 4th order Butterworth,

49.1 Hz – 50.9 Hz,

60 Hz 4th order Butterworth,

59.1 Hz – 60.9 Hz


Low Pass

(Muscle Artifact Filter)


35 Hz 4th order


Report Capabilities



User Selectable Report Formats: (1) 3×4 Simultaneous;
(2) 3×4 Sequential; (3) 6×2 ECG; (4) 6×1 ECG;
(5) Averaged Complexes ECG; (6) ECG Measurements Report;
(7) Avg. Zoom Report; (8) Zoom Report


Rhythm, Morphology


Environmental Conditions



Operating Temperature: 0-40°C

Storage Conditions: -20-70°C

Humidity: 85% Max. (non-condensing)


– Lightweight & Portable – The SIFECG-5.1 weighs less than 12 ounces and can easily be transported to new patient rooms, clinic locations or any off site location where an ECG needs to be performed
-No batteries are required for the SIFECG -5.1 because it draws its power from the computer (connected via USB port).
Incomparable Accuracy – The SIFECG -5.1 uses the Louvaine analysis program. The Louvaine algorithm had the best total accuracy of the 9 popular algorithms compared by cardiologists to a standardized database of ECG tracings.
-The SIFECG -5.1 saves you money by eliminating thermal paper and calibration and minimizing required maintenance.

-Color display the real-time ECG wave

SIFSOF is developing and patenting a technology that will differentiate the current mature monitoring market by enhancing the cardiac monitor to incorporate all three processes above into one device from only 3 leads (5 electrodes).
Displaying in real time and setting up an internal and audible alarm that can result in the display/print-out of the derived 12-22 lead ECG (15 leads in US and CE Mark for a derived 22 Lead ECG) and will prompt the user to acquire a standard 12 lead ECG (by adding the 5 additional electrodes from the same system) 

SIFECG-5.1 Portable ECG Monitor,12-channel ECG


SIFECG-5.1 Portable ECG Monitor,12-channel ECG


This product is not to be used in  THE US .