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May 13, 2016
SIFGLUCO-5.1 Glucose Ketone Hemoglobin Hematocrit Bluetooth Meter
May 16, 2016
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Smart Mobile Blood Glucose Meter SIFGLUCO-1.1


Cheap Plug Blood Glucose Meter

Sends the Measured Data to the Cloud Drive or Email Address

Convenient rapid transmission information


SIFGLUCO-1.1 Smart Mobile Blood Glucose Meter

Cheapest Phone jack- Linking Glucometer


Intelligent Blood Glucose Monitoring System APPmeter

  • Phone jack linking design
  • Convenient rapid transmission information
  • Traditional blood glucose meter function
  • Single use as Traditional blood glucose meter
  • Meal time set up function
  • Personalized dining time and easy to access recorder, easy to review records of blood glucose
  • Automatically download record function
  • After connecting to the App, automatic loading data of the blood sugar machine
  • Two ways to transmit data
  • Set the mailbox or cloud (google drive), transmission of data to a designated address
  • Auto produce the chart
  • App could be blood sugar data automatically-generated graphics.
  • Easy to read blood glucose values


Model name SIFGLUCO-1.1
Assay method Capillary whole blood
Test sample Referenced to plasma glucose value
Alternative Site Testing Yes (palm, orearm, upper arm, calf or thigh)
Sample size 0.7 μL
Measuring time 6 seconds
Measuring range 20 ~ 600 mg/dL (1.1-33.3 mmol/L)
Acceptable hematocrit range 20~60%
Operating condition 10°C~40°C(50℉~104℉),10 ~ 85% R. H.
Storage/ Transportation condition  4°C~40°C (39℉~104℉), 10 ~ 85% R. H.
Memory capacity 100 test results with time and date
Power supply One 3-volt lithium battery (battery type CR2032)
Battery life Approximately 1,000 tests
Automatic shut-off In 3 minutes
Dimensions 48 x 47 x 13 mm
Weight 20g




This product is not to be used in THE US .